Industry Leaders Offer Predictions for 2013 (Part 3)


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Brian Lesser, CEO, Xaxis

  • “Twitter and Apple (tablet/mobile) will launch real-time-bidding (RTB) ad exchanges. Following this year’s success of Facebook Exchange (FBX), Facebook’s RTB system, Twitter and Apple will also open their ad inventory to RTB technology.  This will be a great plus to advertisers as they will be able to incorporate Twitter and Apple’s premium inventory into their programmatic buying strategies.”
  • “Digital radio and digital Out-of-Home advertising will soar. Both of these sectors will experience strong growth as more companies allow marketers to tap this inventory via audience-driven technologies and RTB.”
  • “Relevance of cookies to slide: Widespread adoption of data management platforms (DMPs) will focus industry attention on the mechanism for data matching: the cookie.  Marketers will increasingly focus on the limitations of cookie matching and seek alternative mechanisms to harvest and distribute data.”

Larry Kim, Founder & CTO, WordStream, Inc.

“In 2013, Google will unleash more zoo creatures like pandas and penguins, etc. making SEO harder, while making ads and Google+ more prominent in the SERP than ever. The need for a balanced inbound marketing strategy including PPC, SEO and Social will be more important than ever.”

Andy Nibley, CEO, Yieldex

“Programmatic trading will accelerate considerably in 2013, putting downward pressure on publisher CPMs. To counteract this, publishers will have to rely on big data analytics tools to help them increase the value of their premium, direct sold inventory.  Brands will push hard for viewable impression measurements. Publishers will go along.”

Mark S. Zagorski, CEO, eXelate

“For Advertisers, 2013 will be about leveraging their internal data. First party data including CRM, retargeting, and social data has never had greater potential in digital marketing, particularly as companies begin to use predictive analytics to model target audiences and improve the efficiency of their data-driven digital marketing. Marketers will look to differentiate their consumer outreach by employing Big Data coupled with powerful analytics.”

Troy Brown, President and CEO, one50one

“In 2013, we expect brands, both big and small, to significantly increase mobile marketing budgets to accommodate advancements in: location-based services for in-store marketing; experience-driven digital marketing for tablet adoption; the use of open APIs for social/mobile commerce; and responsive design to meet the needs of the growing connected-devices market.”

Daniel Anstandig, CEO, LDR (Listener Driven Radio)

“Broadcasters will transform into Crowdcasters. Listeners’ immediate influence on live radio broadcasts will be a key driver for audience growth in 2013. Interactive broadcast programming will continue to evolve as stations integrate live input from their users to drive content including music and on-air discussion topics. Broadcasters that have already implemented interactive radio features are seeing strong increases in ratings and website traffic.”

Ludo Collin, CEO, EachScape

  • Continued and increasing fragmentation; HTML5 is still not the panacea that many have predicted.
  • More adoption on the Enterprise front — in many ways, including enable workforces to BYOD — this will also be big with SMBs.
  • Mobile shopping and mobile payments will continue to increase dramatically.
  • Increasing adoption of Augmented Reality.

Bill Piwonka, VP of Marketing, Janrain

“As brands continue to struggle to convince consumers to register on their site and share personal information, more businesses will leverage solutions that allow them to capture social profile data. Deeper psychographic data – from interests to friends – layered over basic demographics will allow companies to more effectively target marketing campaigns.”‘

Ari Brandt, CEO, MediaBrix

“Facebook reports 250 million play social games on the platform each month. Similarly, according to eMarketer, smartphone owners spend almost 39% of their time gaming and tablet owners spend 67% of their time gaming. Social gaming will deliver a captive audience cross-platform, redefining what it means for marketers to do brand advertising in digital mediums.”‘

Matt Rosenberg, VP of Marketing, Taykey

“A study will be released comparing audience quality from cookie-based models and Facebook third-party targeting that will undermine all confidence in cookies while simultaneously getting Facebook in more hot privacy water.”

Daniel Laury, CEO and President, Geary LSF Digital Marketing Group

Gone are the days of the linear sales and marketing progression. Consumers now start the sales process from a multitude of entry points. Successful brands in 2013 will be those that can integrate the right channels at the right touch points to engage today’s multitasking, multimedia consumers across their digital journey.

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