Industry Leaders Offer Predictions for 2013 (Part 2)


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Michael Ni, CMO/SVP, Marketing and Products, Avangate

“In the cloud era, marketing is the new sales. Marketing will play a greater role to engage customers in an ongoing relationship, to not only acquire new customers but also retain existing ones. Marketing and sales will be more integrated to understand where to monetize in the customer lifecycle.”

Dan Greenberg, co-founder and CEO, Sharethrough

“As media consumption habits change, I predict headlines and thumbnails will become the new banner ad, and the new kings of industry will be the publishers, marketers, agencies and tech companies that learn how to capture users’ attention and interest with human-readable headlines and stories, not sales pitches through banners.”

Wayne Gattinella, CEO & President, DoubleVerify

“Viewability is poised to be the most important opportunity that the online media industry will face in 2013. The new technology is not a check box. It truly has the ability to move media investment to the top of the funnel-where brand building and new market development is measured in brand based ROI-not just transactional response measures.”

Sue Duris, President, M4 Communications, Inc.

“Interactive user experience is the name of game with Social, Mobile and Video and the user will move into the driver seat by controlling the experience and will push marketing teams into that direction. Marketing can start now by including prospects and customers into their own feedback loops.”

Ali Behnam, CEO, Tealium

“Mobile is the next frontier, and it’s here to stay. The rise in m-commerce and mobile usage has increased the business demand for mobile site and app analytics data. Mobile specific tag management systems by enterprise vendors like Tealium will allow brands to accerate mobile marketing velocity by increasing app speeds, offering broader tagging capabilities and eliminating recertification cycles.”

John Resig, Co-Founder and President, Resignation Media

“Mobile advertising sucks. Most ads look like Disney vomited on Old Town Las Vegas. However, 2013 is going to change the market. We’re going to see cleaner, more impactful ads that influence male mobile shopping and help define new, more elegant experiences.”

Adam Riemer, President, Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC

“Attribution is going to become more prevalent in marketing decisions and start to determine the budgets for channels.”

David Shim, CEO, Placed

“In 2013, we will see the rapid adoption of analytics that drive insights into what makes mobile unique, location.  The ability to contextualize where content is consumed, understanding offline behaviors of customer segments, and quantifying metrics like market share for retailers in near real-time will enter the mainstream and redefine measurement and actionability for the physical world.”

Michael Lantz, CEO/Founder, Accedo

“2013 will be the year when Smart TV grows up. The first generations in 2009 and 2010 were essentially simple widget engines that allowed for basic Internet apps being moved to the TV. The 2011-2012 generations were more powerful, but were lacking in key video technologies and DRM technologies. In 2013, Smart TVs will be powerful Internet-centric OTT devices with full capabilities of providing a top tier UX for a pay-TV service.”

Jérémie Leroyer, CEO, AIRTAG

  • “Apple will enter the mobile payment market adding payment to Passbook.”
  • “There will be an explosion of ‘closed loop’ retailer wallets.”
  • “We will see the first ‘Voice Assisted’ Mobile Commerce applications.”
  • “Native apps will still be most influential in Mobile Commerce because they deliver a better user experience.”
  • “Tablet Shopping ‘T-Commerce’ will continue to grow; retailers with an M-Commerce strategy will launch tablet apps.”
  • “Iphone 5S will have NFC.”

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  1. Year 2013 will be a mobile captured era.. M-Ad, M-Commerce: M-Learning and so on will get mature. M will over shadow E, bringing convenience to consumer/client and playing great competitive edge role for enterprenuers and compnies.

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