Industry Leaders Offer Predictions for 2013 (Part 1)


John Kottcamp, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Tahzoo:

  • “The evolution from multi-channel to omni-channel marketing.  Expectations are for a connected experience that not only moves from device to device, but is relevant within the context of a very limited attention span.
  • “Differentiated experiences driven through the next generation of personalization.  With the advance of enterprise marketing platforms, marketers will embrace dynamic publishing and algorithmic recommendations to deliver more engaging, relevant and persuasive customer experiences.
  • “Social marketing will enter the 4th stage of maturity. Social media’s real value is as a source of social intelligence, providing the behavioral and attitudinal insight needed to add the dimensions of context and real-time to the marketing mix.”

Benjamin Christie, Managing Director, Gourmet  Ads

  1. “Growth in Programmatic Trading in  2013: We’re forecasting continued growth of  Real Time Bidding, with more advertisers shifting to programmatic solutions for  audience buying and retargeting. Advertisers want premium inventory and key to  the growth will be making programmatic trading easier using features like Deal  ID, to create Private Exchange with advertisers.
  2. “More Beyond the Banner: While display advertising is not going  anywhere soon, we’re predicting more Beyond the Banner-based campaigns. In 2012  we saw placements like background skins and interstitials take off. IAB Rising  Star units also seem to be gaining with major portals, which in turn will create  interest with Tier 2 level sites.”

Alain Paquin, President and CEO, Whatsnexx

“Marketers will give up on customer profile centralization. What once was a complex and costly prerequisite for cross-channel marketing can now be replaced by ‘plug & play’ cloud alternatives. The results are staggering; faster deployment, better relationship marketing practices, lower costs and quicker ROI.”

Projjol Banerjea, VP of Marketing and Talent, SponsorPay

“SponsorPay predicts 2013 to be the year of engagement. Advertisers must look towards a multi-platform future featuring innovative engagement campaigns rather than static ads. The winners will be brands that can both capture the attention of and prompt action among today’s inundated consumers. We see value-exchange advertising as the key to success.”

Ben Kartzman, CEO, Spongecell

“2013 will be the year of real-time creative — creative that is data driven and tailorable to individual consumers automatically and on the fly.  We’ve seen great advances in RTB technology.  Now, it’s creative’s turn. Real-time creative is going mainstream; it’ll be a giant leap forward — finally, right message, right consumer.”

Catherine Spurway-Hepler, SVP, Strategy & Marketing, PointRoll

“2013 will be the year of adoption. Rapid innovation has given way to changes in consumer behavior requiring advertisers to respond more quickly to new digital marketing mediums. Among the adoption we’ll see:  mobile as a primary screen, increased campaign data mining and a social media usage shift from many to a few.”

Andrew Casale, VP of Strategy, Casale Media

“By the end of 2013, programmatic demand will be recognized by sales organizations more for the meaningful demand contribution the channel is driving than the conflicts it may present.”

Tom Chavez, co-founder & CEO, Krux

  • “The decoupling of data from media continues as data-safe programmatic selling takes off. Publishers get their cake and eat it too: RTB scale and liquidity without the hazards of casting data to the winds.
  • “Data pierces its advertising shell, fueling a broader set of real-time content and commerce applications. I’ve long advanced the concept of a pervasive grid that connects data on a just-in- time basis to where it’s needed most. In 2013, that starts to become real.
  • “And finally, mobile mobile mobile. Hardly a breakthrough, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t include it for the sake of completeness.”

Josh Goodwin, CTO, Ensighten

  1. “The Web will get more personal. Surfing the web will continue to become more personalized for Internet users. With advances in optimization, marketers will have the data and tools they need to provide rich, individualized visitor experiences based on profiles inferred through data collection and analysis tools.
  2. “Optimization moves to center stage. Optimization & multivariate tools are becoming more sophisticated, easier to use, more effective and capable of producing meaningful information. Currently, only the most sophisticated marketing organizations with a lot of internal resources or the assistance of a consulting firm take advantage of these tools. However, in the coming year, look for growth in this area as more brands embrace optimization and incorporate these methods into every aspect of their work.
  3. “Data is the new black. It’s this season’s must-have capability for digital marketers who want more data and want to do more with it. Despite having great Web analytics data and ways to visualize and interpret it, it is still a relatively new trend in an industry that is traditionally more creative-driven than data-driven. However, more digital marketing tools + more devices = even more digital marketing data — especially when you add mobile to the mix. The next big challenge is marrying data from various digital touch points into one unified and actionable package.
  4. “Tag management will go visual. The advent of visual tagging with drag-and-drop flexibility will put the power of tag management into the hands of more marketing and business users, further narrowing the divide between the marketing and web organizations in any company, and simplifying what has been a very time-consuming, tedious process. In 2013, we will see a natural evolution of tag management technology, making it easier for the business user.”

Cindy Mesaros, Chief Client Officer, MetaResolver

“There are a few trends coming together that will make 2013 the year that mobile RTB works at scale for performance marketers.

  1. “More premium inventory will enter the exchange market.
  2. “The trend toward transparency will continue, with marketers no longer satisfied with black box buys. That will chase out properties that don’t perform, making exchange inventory more effective overall.
  3. “Marketers will realize that RTB platforms are a great testing ground to layer their own data to drive better performance.
  4. “The bigger mobile media buyers will integrate a trading desk in-house for mobile RTB.”

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