Game-Changing Gadgets: The Relationship Between Devices and Marketing


In recent years, the introduction of innovative mobile tech toys has forced many in the interactive ad industry to regroup, rethink and retool. To coincide with CES 2013, we asked some experts for their thoughts on how devices are driving the industry and vice-versa.

What groundbreaking devices still have us playing catch-up?

Chia Chen, SVP, Mobile Lead, Digitas North America: “Without a question, from a marketing perspective, many are only starting to catch up to the impact of the modern smartphone and tablet. ”

Steele Filipek, Lead Editor and Senior Writer, Starlight Runner Entertainment: “While initially groundbreaking, the HTC EVO 3D and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S have shown that producers and consumers are still wary about 3D technology. That may soon change. In 2013, mobile devices will pass PCs to be most common Web access tools, and more young consumers are choosing streaming data over downloads and hard copies, meaning less reliance on 3D-enabled consoles. If Hollywood continues its trend of pushing 3D-enabled films and streams, producers of mobile technology will have to jump on board sooner rather than later if they are to cash in on this shift.”

Craig Elimeliah, VP, Director of Technology & Digital Solutions, RAPP: “I haven’t put down my iPhone since 2007. It is the first and only device I have ever owned – and I have owned a lot of them – that has never stopped impressing me. The computing power and ability to expand as apps keep launching is mind-blowing and this device is constantly impressing with its ability to deliver amazing experiences. Personally, I don’t even think we have scratched the surface of what we could actually do with the device.”

What might be the next industry-altering tech product?

Filipek: “There’s an industry-altering shift in store once Google can hammer out a practical form of Project Glass. Imagine a pair of standard glasses enabled with mobile phone technology, combined with a passive QR-style code that instantly reacts to a person’s gaze by jumping to Augmented Reality; you have something that makes the need for a handheld device almost irrelevant.”

Elimeliah: “Without question it will be the 3D printer. It will alter everything — from consumer products to the way brands interact with their customers. The maker culture will finally arrive and we will see a proliferation of innovation around the 3D printer.”

Chen: “Marketers should now stop looking to new ‘devices’ for the next game-changing impact. Instead, they should focus on how to express their brands as software. The mobile revolution has really made apps the standard container for content and utility. ”

How will the introduction of still more screen sizes affect the industry?

Chen: “More screens means that ‘passive’ content (like linear video) is going to become just a part of a ‘experience ecosystem’ that needs to combine software, data and content to tell stories across screens.”

Filipek: “More screen sizes will shift development dollars away from innovation and towards aesthetics. Development time will be spent trying to get something as universal as possible, rather than trying to use existing technology in new and interesting ways. Add constantly shifting resolution sizes, and you have a headache that makes a ‘letterboxed’ version as appealing as it is unfortunate.”

Elimeliah: “I am not worried about screen size. As responsive design becomes more and more codified and controlled with strict rules and definition, I think we will see an age where we harness all our screens by using both content and context rules when delivering experiences that offer both content and design. Screen size will no longer be a factor, but it will take a little time until we get cozy with this concept. But the faster the new sized screens emerge, the faster we will get there. It will actually be the proliferation of more screens that will get us there quicker. Having 2-3 screens will actually hold back innovation. Bring them on!”



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