Get Satisfaction Launches ‘Adventures in Community Management’ Cartoon Series


Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD). To help commemorate the occasion, Get Satisfaction is debuting the first two cartoons in their groundbreaking “Adventures in Community Management” series. These first cartoons humorously demonstrate the value community managers add to their organizations — no matter what time it is or how little recognition they receive for the value they add.


Get Satisfaction also released a Slideshare this morning highlighting five community management predictions for 2013 sourced from leading community managers. You can view the full Slideshare here. Some key quotes include:
  • “The blurring of social media and community will continue. While social media is widely accepted as part of the marketing mix, the approach on social media will be to create a more integrated community feel, rather than simply use the channel to push product.” – Lisa Barnett, eModeration.
  • “There are ‘only’ a billion people on Facebook – still another 6 billion who have yet to join. As more and more people begin to connect to the multitude of platforms, how will companies/consultants cut through the clutter to have a message heard? Biggest challenge but also biggest opportunity: more people to engage with!” – Ephraim Gopin, Fring.


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