Taykey Analyzes Social Chatter Surrounding Holiday Shopping

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Dec 7, 2012 
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Taykey recently analyzed the social conversation happening around holiday shopping (retailers, promotions, products). Below is a spreadsheet (click repeatedly to enlarge) that shows names of various retailers who had a significant volume of activity, and underneath, the top other terms associated with those retailers. A few interesting nuggets:
  1. Many of the terms associated with App Store were what you’d expect (iphone, itunes, mac) but Taykey was surprised to find Windows and Windows 8 correlated with App Store.
  2. Best Buy had the strongest connection with the terms “cyber monday” and “black friday” of any of the retailers.  That could be good news or bad news — good news if they successfully marketed their sale prices, bad news if people only seek out Best Buy because of temporary low prices.
  3. Target was the only retailer associated with the word “coupon” while Best Buy was the only one associated with the word “sale.”  That could be good news or bad news — good news if they successfully marketed their sale prices or made their coupons desirable, bad news if people only seek out these (troubled) retailers because of temporary low prices.
  4. Best Buy was the only retailer with an association to the word “santa”.
  5. Amex, Target, Best Buy and Sears were connected with the word “gift.”  However, all of these except Best Buy was also associated with the phrase “gift card.”  This is also potentially good news or bad for Best Buy, depending on how much they depend on breakage from gift cards to boost their margins.
  6. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the retailers that are also product brands (Nike, Ugg) were associated more with products than with more general terms, although Best Buy was associated with the “nintendo wii.”
  7. Much of the discussion of Sears and Walmart was associated with the factory fire there, in Walmart’s case, with labor issues that annually surface at this time of year.


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