Selectable Media to Join Bing Fund


NEW YORK  (December 11, 2012) – Selectable Media, a leader in enabling consumers to unlock digital content through advertising, today announced it has been selected for investment by the Bing Fund, a Microsoft angel fund and incubator program sponsored by Bing. This opportunity will enable Selectable Media to leverage the full power of Microsoft technology assets and expertise to expand the reach of its technology in the advertiser and publisher ecosystem.

“Selectable Media delivers an attractive premium digital advertising experience across PC and mobile environments,” said Rahul Sood, the GM of the Bing Fund. “We’re excited to have them join the Bing Fund portfolio.”

With blue-chip clients like NBC, Wendy’s, Kraft, HBO and Samsung, Selectable Media enables advertisers to achieve higher brand recall and engagement at scale by providing consumers access to valuable online content in exchange for interaction with today’s leading brands. Premium publishers can utilize Selectable Media’s technology to effectively monetize their content and provide their audiences with richer alternatives to traditional ad formats.

“Having the support of the Microsoft ecosystem, including access to the expertise of the Microsoft Advertising team, validates our value proposition in driving new engagement models for advertisers and publishers,” said Matt Minoff, CEO of Selectable Media. “This investment will give us access to Microsoft business units and with their support help drive more rapid adoption of our platform.”

For more information on the Selectable Media platform, please visit:

About Selectable Media

Selectable Media enables consumers to unlock digital content and services in exchange for viewing and interacting with brand advertising. Selectable Media partners with content providers across PC, mobile and tablet devices to deliver user selected ads that drive key brand health metrics. Selectable Media is headquartered in New York, NY. For more information, visit


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