Resonate Unveils New Analytics and Insights Platform Focused on Values


RESTON, VA. (December 11, 2012) – Resonate, the only advertising technology company that gives marketers the ability to target audiences based on people’s values, today introduced Illuminate. Illuminate is the industry’s first analytics and insights platform to incorporate traditional audience targeting and segmentation data, like demographics and behaviors, with consumer values to help brands and advertisers understand the motivation behind a consumer’s purchase decision.

With Illuminate, agencies and advertisers can understand the consumer values profile that are driving campaign performance, whether measured by clicks, conversions, or brand lift. These can then be put to action to optimize media buying and influence messaging and creative strategy.

Unlike companies focused on demographic or behavioral data, Resonate executes continual waves of proprietary research that provides a keen understanding of what truly motivates consumer actions. For instance, when a consumer chooses between a minivan or an SUV, there are several motivating factors behind the decision such as self-image, environmental conscientiousness, or safety concerns. Through the insights, clients can allocate media spend toward audiences who are most likely to respond to their campaign, significantly improving return on investment. Illuminate can also highlight inconsistencies between the profile of the targeted audience and the values and motivations of those actually responding.

Illuminate puts the power of Resonate’s values-based targeting service in the hands of the user by presenting multi-faceted data in an intuitive format. It delivers rich reporting and visualization to help answer the deeper questions a marketer needs to know about their consumers and how their media strategy aligns. Additionally, Illuminate runs across all digital campaigns, including those that did not originate with Resonate. Customers are able to identify shifts in motivational factors tied to campaigns over time or based on different messaging strategies.

“Marketers are interested in understanding a consumer’s past behavior, but more importantly they need to know what will shape their decisions for the future,” said Bryan Gernert (pictured), CEO of Resonate. “Illuminate provides a solution that ties together market research, consumer segmentation, online media execution, and online media reporting/analytics with a focus on allowing brands to understand ‘why’ consumers act and purchase media that drives action.”

About Resonate

Resonate enables advertisers to reach audiences based on the nuances in consumers’ belief systems and values. Our proprietary platform allows marketers to build rich consumer profiles to power online advertising campaigns, and gain actionable consumer insights before, during, and after execution. Resonate’s insights power the campaign performance of leading brand and political advertisers.

Resonate is headquartered in Reston, Va. with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C. For more information visit:


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