Wikia Taps Krux to Support Data and Audience Strategy


SAN FRANCISCO (November 6, 2012)Krux today announced the adoption and deployment of its data management platform (DMP) by Wikia.  Krux has also published a case study highlighting breakthrough results from some of Wikia’s early efforts.  With Krux, Wikia is able to harness the power of their considerable first-party audience and content assets to drive more relevant and valuable advertising experiences and deeper consumer engagement.

Wikia operates the world’s largest collaborative publishing community, spanning more than 250,000 communities that cover virtually all aspects of popular culture and current events.  Krux is the technology leader in cloud-based consumer data management solutions, helping companies protect, manage, and monetize their audience data assets.

Through the combination of the right technology and valuable first-party media and data, Wikia has developed a standard-setting audience-aware product strategy.  The Wikia approach builds on their broad and diverse user community of avid chroniclers and the vast original content resources created through collaborative authoring.  It bridges the specific needs of marketers with the personality and social characteristics of their intended targets.

“Krux technology is instrumental to Wikia’s audience strategy and will help drive considerable engagement for our advertisers,” stated Bob Huseby, Senior Vice President of Sales at Wikia.  “For targeted campaigns, we’re already seeing significant gains in consumer engagement and click-through.”

Early results from Wikia’s new product strategy show considerable promise.  Highlights from targeted campaigns include:

  • Upwards of 60 percent more engagement with industry-standard display formats;
  • And for clients measuring click-through on both content and advertising, upwards of 200 percent higher performance.

Most notably, Wikia’s audience-aware approach has led to success in breaking into new advertising categories, such as Consumer Package Goods (CPG).  With their data and targeting strategy, Wikia is turning insight into action, serving up web experiences that are more relevant and more valuable, to benefit consumers and marketers alike.

“Wikia’s forward-thinking custom audience and data strategy serves as a shining example for the entire digital media industry, and Krux is proud to support their efforts,” stated Tom Chavez (pictured), Krux co-founder and CEO.  “Wikia’s results are a testament to the powerful combination of differentiated first-party audience insights, high-quality contextual environments, and a deeply-engaged community of users.”

About Krux

Founded in 2010, Krux delivers data fabric for the consumer web.  Krux technology helps companies protect, manage, and monetize data across screens and sources.  With Krux, companies give their consumers cooler, safer, faster, smarter web experiences.  With Krux, consumers gain confidence that their favorite websites are operating under the plain light of day.  Companies across the US, Europe and Asia have adopted Krux technology, including The New York Times, NBC Universal, Sanoma Media, Triad Retail Media, Wikia, Recruit,, Financial Times,, GrooveShark, and The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.  Find out more at


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