WGI Group Invests in Maxifier for Strong Leadership Team and Ability to Grow Brand Marketing Dollars Online


NEW YORK (November 13, 2012) —  Maxifier, the global leader in programmatic premium optimization, today announced an investment from WGI Group, a provider of early stage capital for Internet entrepreneurs. The investment comes shortly after a strategic investment from Dentsu Digital Holdings, Inc., which actively invests in emerging digital companies through its Dentsu Digital Investment Business Limited Partnership (also known as the Dentsu Digital Fund).

Led by experienced Internet entrepreneurs Michael Walrath, Noah Goodhart and Jonah Goodhart, WGI Group has been investing in successful Internet and advertising companies such as BlueKai and Yext since 2007. According to WGI Group Managing Partner Jonah Goodhart, Maxifier’s potential future impact on the industry set the company apart from others.

“When looking at companies in which to invest, WGI Group seeks those that are not only innovative in today’s market, but have the potential to significantly shape an industry in the future,” said Goodhart. “What struck us about Maxifier was its ability to provide value to publishers by delivering to the metrics that are important to brands. Very little brand advertising dollars are being spent in the digital arena today relative to direct response spend, and Maxifier solves the challenges that brands must overcome to make online advertising work for them.”

Goodhart continued: “Central to any business we invest in must be a strong team. During the past 12 months, Maxifier has significantly built its executive team with industry veterans who are well-poised to foster continued success for the company. We are pleased to invest in this company and look forward to its continued impact on the market.”

“By focusing on the premium inventory space, Maxifier operates in an area in which many businesses want to be, but few have been able to penetrate,” said Jonathon Shaevitz (pictured), Maxifier CEO. “WGI Group has invested in many successful companies during the past five years, and we are pleased to be counted among them. Maxifier’s ADMAX technology improves the performance, revenue and margin of publishers’ and networks’ premium inventory, enabling them to focus on generating more dollars and not simply chase cents. We believe our programmatic premium technology will help continue to shift the pendulum to bring more dollars online.”

Maxifier’s ADMAX technology, which has been successfully adopted by major media companies in Europe and the U.S., including Forbes and The Guardian, offers a unique optimization solution to increase advertising effectiveness by improving campaign and inventory performance to drive higher yields and deliver optimum revenues and margins.

About Maxifier

Maxifier is a leading online advertising technology provider, working with premium publishers and ad networks to empower them to unlock and maximize the value of their total inventory. Using Maxifier’s ADMAX solution, companies can increase advertising effectiveness by improving campaign and inventory performance to drive higher yields and deliver optimum revenues and margins.

Maxifier’s cutting-edge solution encompasses advanced ad optimization and inventory management, coupled with a business intelligence engine, all delivered on a single interface. From measuring and optimizing campaign performances, forecasting and managing global inventories, developing new advertising packages and increasing sales and profitability, Maxifier benefits all areas of the business, including ad operations, sales teams and senior management. With offices in the US, UK, Japan and Russia, to date it has managed more than 70 billion impressions for leading publishers and media companies including Forbes, The Guardian, IPC, Bauer Media and A.H. Belo empowering them to deliver maximum value and ROI for their clients.

About WGI Group

WGI Group is the investment arm of entrepreneurs Michael Walrath, Jonah Goodhart, and Noah Goodhart. Notable WGI companies have included Right Media (acquired by Yahoo!), Yext, Hunch, Adbuyer (acquired by MediaBank), Adroit (acquired by MediaMath), Optim.al, bluekai, Inadco, GraphScience, Namely, and Moat. For more information, visit http://www.wgifund.com.



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