Usablenet Data Shows Mobile Shopping Increase over Thanksgivi​ng


Besides being a traditional day for family gatherings and expressions of gratitude, Thanksgiving has also become a big day for scoping out Black Friday deals. Usablenet, which powers the mobile sites and apps for top retailers like Walgreens, Aeropostale, ShopNBC, CVS, J.Crew, Mattel, Brookstone, and many more, studied mobile activity on Thanksgiving and found that retailers with both mobile sites and apps saw traffic increase at a higher rate from 2011 to 2012 (117 percent) than retailers with mobile sites only (98 percent).

The data was taken from a random sample of over 18 million page views across mobile retail sites on Usablenet’s platform from Wednesday through end of day on Thanksgiving. Other key stats are as follows:

Traffic Increases

  • Average increase of mobile site traffic, 2012 over 2011: 98 percent
  • Average increase of mobile page views, 2012 over 2011: 74 percent

Consumers shop more with multi-channel retailers

  • Retailers with both mobile sites and apps saw traffic increase at a higher rate (117 percent) than retailers with mobile sites only
  • 25 percnt of overall mobile traffic comes from apps

Mobile Traffic by Device

  • 51 percent of mobile traffic comes from iOS-based devices
  • 44 percent of mobile traffic comes from Android-based devices
  • Windows and Blackberry are present but not in significant numbers

Who’s Shopping on Mobile?

  • 21 percent of traffic comes from North Eastern US
  • 11 percent of traffic comes from the West Coast
  • 22 percent of mobile web traffic driven from search

“The strong increase in mobile shopping traffic this holiday weekend does not come as a surprise as more consumers are using their smartphones to browse, search and shop,” said Usablenet CMO Carin van Vuuren (pictured). “This holiday season, retailers have made it easier for mobile shoppers by offering mobile-only deals, targeted in-store experiences and a more consistent experience across all channels.

“More consumers will shop on mobile this year than before, and the retailers who deliver an experience that meets rising consumer expectations and adds value to the shopping experience will be most successful this year. That means offering more than a re-rendered version of the desktop website, and demonstrating an understanding of user context. With trends like showrooming on the rise, consumers will respond to smart engagement and are more likely to act when the user experience is optimized to reflect appropriate context.”



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