Surviving Superstorm Sandy


For those of you we hadn’t gotten back to yet: Yes, we survived Superstorm Sandy. The last we heard, our office in Ramsey, NJ had no electrical power. Some of us have no power or heat in our homes; others lost power for a day or two but have since had it restored. Cellular service has been spotty. And this Interweb thing runs on electricity — who knew? ;-)

While we didn’t take nearly the hit that our friends at the Jersey Shore did, the storm’s impact has been wide-ranging. Many of us who got little in the way of rain are nonetheless feeling the effects of flooding. Tidal storm surges pushed water onto the streets of low-lying communities before the first drop of rain even fell. Rivers overflowing their banks caused power substations to flood and knock out electricity to millions of people; other outages were caused by falling trees, utility poles and power lines, which has also made it dangerous to walk or drive on many streets. NYC’s subway system has been devastated by salt-water flooding, and every New Jersey Transit rail line was compromised in some way. Suffice to say it’s going to be a long road back for our entire metropolitan area.

Given all that, there are inherent challenges to producing a web site and electronic newsletter on a consistent basis, so we hope you’ll bear with us. Phone and laptop batteries need to be recharged; borrowed WiFi is at a premium. But all things considered, we are among the lucky ones. Thanks for your good thoughts and well wishes.


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