Superstorm Sandy Hits Historic Heights Across TWC’s Digital Platforms


The epic storm that devastated much of the mid-Atlantic region generated all-time traffic highs at and on The Weather Channel Mobile.

According to Melissa Medori, a spokesperson for The Weather Channel, Monday was TWC’s No. 1 all-time day across its digital platforms, with nearly half a billion page view in one day (450 million page views to be exact.) This almost doubled TWC’s previous record of 249 million from 2/1/11 and smashed Hurricane Irene’s No. 1 day of 183 million (8/27/11). has early 300 million page views on (298M w/ refresh), which more than doubled the previous record of 141MM (from 2/2/11), and almost tripled Irene’s highest day of 107 million on 8/26/11.

On TWC’s mobile and tablet apps, Monday was the No. 1 all-time day for page views with 125 million. Mobile apps alone had 110 million page views (No. 1 all-time day), and tablet apps fell just short of the previous record set on 10/28/12(14.9M vs. 15M).

In terms of mobile/tablet app video, Monday was also a record day. Sunday was previous No. 1 all-time day for video starts (1.6 million video starts) across mobile and tablet apps combined.

There were more than 9.6 million total live video streams during the course of the storm on and YouTube, with a peak of 167k concurrent users. “These levels suggest digital viewership levels that are equivalent to October 2012 viewing on The Weather Channel,” said Medori.

Tuesday was another busy day for TWC’s digital platforms, despite power and network outages in the impacted areas. Following are the Tuesday highlights:

  • Total digital page views came in at 356 million, for a combined two-day total of 807 million. These two days (10/29 – 10/30) rank as No. 1 and No. 2, with the next closest day (2/1/11 – Colossal Storm) coming in 100 million page views behind at 249 million.
  • followed up its record breaking 298 million page views from the previous day (10/29) for another huge traffic day with 258 million page views (w/refresh). These two days combined for more than 556 million total page views, which is what the site generally receives in half a month or more.
  • The Superstorm Sandy photo slideshow drove engagement to an unprecedented 14 page views per visit and was the top page on the site with 165 million page views.
  • There were 12 million LIVE streams over the course of the storm on and You Tube (as of 7 p,m. ET on Tuesday). Peak concurrent views for this live stream was 167K. Viewership levels were equivalent to average viewing levels on The Weather Channel for the weeks preceding the storm.
  • TWC’s Cover It Live event (live chat) for Superstorm Sandy was the most successful ever on, with 3.4 million page views and over 1.3 million clicks. These metrics beat the previous records of 2.7 million page views in the March 2, 2012 tornado outbreak and just over 1 million clicks during Hurricane Isaac.

The Weather Channel also issued an infographic today entitled “Recent Costly Hurricanes By The Numbers.” To acces it, click the link below.



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