ReTargeter Launches CRM Retargeting Solution


SAN FRANCISCO (November 7, 2012) – ReTargeter, the leading full-service display advertising and retargeting provider, today announced the launch of their CRM Retargeting solution, which allows brands to serve online display ads to users with nothing more than an email or mailing address. By reinforcing traditional direct mail and email campaigns with targeted display ads, CRM Retargeting gives marketers the ability to reach users across multiple channels, which increases brand awareness while creating more opportunities for conversions.

“Display advertising can be very effective, but it rarely exists in a vacuum,” said founder and CEO Arjun Dev Arora (pictured). “With CRM Retargeting, we’re helping marketers seamlessly integrate display ads with their existing email and direct mail initiatives to create effective cross-channel campaigns with ease.”

CRM Retargeting works by matching the email and mailing addresses of users in a business’s CRM with a large database of online user profiles. Through a process known as data onboarding, ReTargeter anonymizes the information in a business’s CRM, uploads it to a secure sever, and then seeks matches with existing online user profiles that have been gathered through partnerships with several high-profile web publishers. Once a match has been found, CRM Retargeting clients are able to serve display ads to users across the web by leveraging ReTargeter’s real-time bidding platform, which connects to all of the major ad networks and exchanges to access over 400 billion ad impressions per month. CRM Retargeting currently boasts a 30-40 percent match rate; in other words, a list of 100,000 email or mailing addresses can be expected to yield between 30,000-40,000 online user profiles that can be targeted with ads.

“CRM Retargeting represents a leap forward in terms of serving the right users the right ads at the right time,” said Director of Marketing Hafez Adel. “It offers the unparalleled ability to leverage a business’s existing CRM to create a compelling new engagement channel that works for both brand advertisers and direct response marketers alike.”

One of the early adopters of CRM Retargeting was BustedTees, a popular online t-shirt retailer. BustedTees employed ReTargeter to re-engage customers who had not made a purchase, visited the website, or opened an email in a significant period of time. By bringing this list of dormant customers online, BustedTees was able to serve targeted display ads to the users, encouraging them to return to the site and make a purchase. After one month, the campaign yielded a 390 percent ROI for the online retailer. Compared to a control group, the users who were shown display ads via CRM Retargeting were four times more likely to make a purchase.

“This is a way that you can re-market to customers who have fallen off your marketing bandwagon,” said Adam Schwartz, General Manager of BustedTees. “This is one of the best tools I know of that provides a channel to get those people back into your funnel.”

About ReTargeter LLC

ReTargeter is a full-service display advertising solution specializing in audience targeting and retargeting for brands of all sizes. Retargeting enables brands to focus their advertisements on everyone who has engaged with them online, whether through the web, email, mobile devices or social media. These people are served targeted advertisements following their interactions, which encourages repeat visits, increased brand visibility, and optimizes marketing dollars. Additionally, ReTargeter offers advanced retargeting solutions including search retargeting, which serves ads to people based on their search behavior, and CRM retargeting which allows brands to show ads to anyone with nothing but an email or a mailing address. ReTargeter is a privately held company based in San Francisco.  For more information on ReTargeter, please visit


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