Nexage Launches Nexage Connect to Accelerate and Simplify the Mobile Advertising Market


BOSTON (November 5, 2012)Nexage, the leading mobile advertising exchange, today announced the launch of Nexage Connect. Nexage Connect integrates advanced advertising solutions, provided through a growing ecosystem of partners, using scalable and flexible APIs within the Nexage Exchange. Nexage Connect accelerates and simplifies the adoption and growth of mobile advertising for buyers and sellers: buyers will be afforded capabilities such as enhanced targeting through third-party data, brand safety, and contextual analysis and profiling; and publishers will be able to extend business controls such as brand safety, privacy preference management and more.

Nexage Connect will integrate a wide range of advanced solutions offered from a growing number of partners that want an efficient way of reaching buyers and sellers via the Nexage Exchange, including four launch partners: PlaceIQ, Proximic, The Media Trust, and TRUSTe.

Mobile advertising is by far the fastest growing segment of digital advertising, as evidenced by the recent IAB 1H 2012 revenue report. Despite this growth, mobile advertising has gaps in important capabilities, such as targeting, brand safety, and privacy, which are the staple of online advertising. These gaps have slowed advertisers’ ability to capitalize on the massive consumer shift to mobile and publishers’ ability to realize full price and liquidity value of their mobile impressions.

Technologies that address these gaps are increasingly available, and Nexage is now positioned to serve as a single point of integration for market participants. Nexage Connect reduces sales cycles, minimizes integration cycles and investment, and allows all Nexage Connect partners an efficient way of exposing their solutions to the premium publishers and buyers of the Nexage Exchange.

Specifically, Nexage Connect:

  1. Brings together a rich and growing ecosystem of advertising solution providers.
  2. Creates a single point of integration leveraging an extensible, scalable API environment built within the Nexage Exchange platform.
  3. Enables a simple delivery model where buyers and sellers are able to select and activate partners and solutions that enhance and augment their businesses.

“At the very beginning, we designed our technology platform to be extensible, intelligent, and scalable, recognizing that a robust mobile advertising exchange is best suited to act as a hub to integrate solutions,” said Ernie Cormier (pictured), CEO and president of Nexage.  “Nexage Connect leverages that design, combining our growing ecosystem of partners and an efficient delivery model to enable our customers to directly and easily benefit from advertising solutions across the market.  We believe Nexage Connect is a major step forward for our customers, our partners, and this industry.”

As part of the launch of Nexage Connect, Nexage is announcing key partnerships with PlaceIQ, Proximic, The Media Trust and TRUSTe.

“TRUSTe and Nexage are accelerating the adoption of mobile privacy best practices with the introduction of Nexage Connect,” said Richard Qiu, Vice President of Business Development, Mobile of TRUSTe. “We are excited about Nexage Connect, which will offer privacy preference management and opt-out functionality to publishers on the Nexage Exchange and provide consumers with transparency and control over the collection and use of their personal information. This is a critical step forward for privacy preference management in the mobile ad industry.”

“PlaceIQ is enhancing the value of one of the most important capabilities in mobile advertising — location — by adding context and audience based intelligence to impressions with location information,” said Duncan McCall, CEO and Co-Founder of PlaceIQ. “With Nexage Connect, we gain an efficient and productive distribution channel, buyers get a simple method to more effectively target audience, and publishers benefit from the increased value of their data-enriched impressions. Nexage is creating a win-win-win situation for the market.”

Along with the proven solutions from the online space from The Media Trust and Proximic, Nexage Connect represents a compelling step forward in unleashing the value of technology in a simple and powerful way that directly impacts the mobile businesses of brands, buyers, and publishers. It accelerates the maturity and capabilities of mobile advertising so that it can fulfill the hefty potential enabled by the massive consumer shift to all things mobile.

About Nexage

Nexage is the leading premium mobile advertising exchange, connecting over 300 publishers and developers with over 200 demand sources to create the most efficient, liquid, and vibrant market in mobile advertising today.  The intelligent Nexage Exchange delivers the most advanced solutions in the market today, including both private and public exchanges, data enrichment, rich media and video ad units, and a real-time targeting capability that gives buyers powerful campaign ROI results, while enhancing the value of our publishers’ inventory.  Our business controls, filters, real-time reporting, and data enrichment capabilities combine to give our customers the visibility, controls, and tools to accelerate their business as they want. Nexage serves customers on a worldwide basis with offices in Boston, New York, and San Francisco.  Come visit us at or follow us on Twitter @Nexage.

About PlaceIQ

PlaceIQ ingests and analyzes large amounts of location data to uncover audience, context, and intent, down to a city block. This provides a powerful, privacy friendly way to define and reach highly specific audiences on a mobile platform, leveraging the ever-increasing location aware nature of mobile devices. PlaceIQ also unlocks a wealth of insight and learning into mobile consumer behavior, and can go beyond the usual CTR based metrics to provide a truly intelligent perspective on what works and what doesn’t in mobile marketing.

About Proximic

Proximic’s pre-bid, page-level analysis is used around the world for inventory analysis, ad targeting and audience interest development in web, mobile and video environments. This analysis provides the most comprehensive analytics on a page’s context, brand protection characteristics and page quality used for pre-bid inventory analysis and audience interest profiling. Proximic supports 13 languages with added support for Chinese and Japanese planned for the first half of 2013. Proximic is privately held and based in Palo Alto, California. For more information, please visit

About The Media Trust

The Media Trust is the leading provider of automation, safety and transparency services to over 500 companies across the online and mobile advertising ecosystems. Through our Media Scanner suite of services we provide exchanges, networks, platforms and publishers with notification services related to ad creative quality and technical rule violations, presence of malicious advertising code and capabilities of data pixels and cookies found in the ad request chain within ad tags and websites. The Media Trust is a privately held company headquartered in McLean, Virginia. Visit us at to learn more about us.

About TRUSTe

TRUSTe is the leading global privacy management solutions provider and offers a broad suite of solutions that enable multinational companies to safely and efficiently handle the customer data powering their online businesses – including advertising, cloud services, mobile applications, and websites. Over 5,000 web properties from top companies like Apple, Disney, eBay, Forbes, HP, and Microsoft rely on TRUSTe to ensure compliance with evolving and complex international privacy requirements. TRUSTe’s mission, based on a “Truth in Privacy” framework, is built on a solid foundation of transparency, choice and accountability regarding the collection and use of personal information. TRUSTe’s privacy seal is recognized and trusted by millions of consumers worldwide as a sign of responsible privacy practices. For additional information on TRUSTe and its offerings, please visit



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