New Ad Trend Report Decodes How Brands Can Best Merge and Converge Channels


Scanable QR codes on items like toys, housewares, clothing and even (gasp) headstones. Coupons that can be received and redeemed in real-time, via mobile apps and solutions. Location-aware digital signs that can “talk” and even reserve your place at a nearby restaurant or bar. Interactive kiosks that recognize and greet each and every customer personally. These are just a few examples of new technologies that are altering the face of advertising today.

And as consumers rapidly increase their consumption of digital content (smartphone adoption rates are reaching nearly half of the population, and tablet adoption is not far behind,) new advertising options will continue emerging. But as they crop up, they are also leaving advertisers struggling to decide on the best channels to use for their campaigns, the ways in which they can combine these new channels with the traditional to interact with and influence their target audience, and the most cost effective media to spend their ad dollars on.

As advertisers begin to think about their 2013 budgets, a new trend report discusses how they can benefit from the merging and converging of advertising channels to engage with today’s on-the-go consumers, measure and monetize those interactions, and harness the data they receive to influence future campaigns to ensure lasting impressions.

Written by Alex Romanov (pictured), president and CEO of iSIGN Media (a North American leader in SaaS solutions that deliver interactive, rich media, permission-based messages to mobile devices), the report explores through research and facts, campaign examples, and expert resources how advertisers can use these different media channels to their advantage, and better interact with consumers within today’s digital world.

Download the report here.


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