Mobile Gaming: App Traffic and Trends


Last month, I had the opportunity to attend the Mobile Gaming Summit conference along with my colleague Mark DeBenedetto. At the conference, we were able to gain significant insight into what makes a mobile game successful and the current and future states of the mobile gaming world. Below are some key takeaways from the sessions that I attended:

1. Mobile advertisers should segment users by their activity and advertise accordingly.

  • May want to show banner/interstitial ads to users with little purchasing activity .
  • May want to cross promote other games with similar content to users with some purchasing activity.
  • May want to provide the game ad free to users with most purchasing activity.

2. Paid mobile traffic should be measured using the same analytics as unpaid traffic.

3: Volume vs. Value:

  • Significant app downloads are good to focus on but you should think about repeat users that will monetize.
  • You should figure out at what points your users are monetizing/disengaging the most.

4. iOS vs. Android and beyond:

  • iOS has about double CPM’s compared to Android.
  • Although cost to advertise on Android is lower than iOS, Android app stores are more fragmented (Google Play, Amazon Mobile, Opera etc.).
  • HTML5 can be an effective platform if the game is more pedestrian.

5. Social Gaming:

  • Facebook now allows users to browse apps on their desktop and send push notifications with a link to download the app on their phones.
  • Asynchronous gaming, where users can play a game together but at different times, is getting more popular.

6. Future Trends:

  • Games utilizing the location services on mobile phones will probably be the next big type of mobile game.
  • New app store with launch of Windows 8 will lead to influx of apps.
  • Facebook is putting more emphasis on mobile ads and will play a large role in how mobile games are advertised in the future.

Overall, the conference was a great chance to learn more about the mobile gaming world, especially from the perspective of a developer working on a game from the ground up. In addition to creating great content and compelling stories that drive users to continue playing, paid advertising plays a large part in a gaming app’s success. Given the numerous gaming apps out there, it is necessary to take into account various promotional channels in order for your game to stand out.

At Direct Agents we work with leading gaming developers to promote installations of their social gaming apps.  By utilizing an ROI driven approach including optimizing past the install with In App event level tracking and tracking in-app activity such as subscriptions and purchases, we have seen social gaming companies have great success expanding their app audiences.



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