LiveRamp and Adometry Bring Offline Data to Online Measurement for Marketers


NEW YORK (November 7, 2012)Adometry, Inc., the leader in cross-channel attribution, today announced a strategic partnership with LiveRamp, the business that enables companies to make their offline data actionable in online advertising. The integration of LiveRamp’s powerful offline-online data matching solution with Adometry Attribute™ finally gives marketers the ability to see the impact their cross-channel efforts have on total purchases, not just online purchases, thus generating significantly improved optimization.

“Sometimes consumers see an ad online or receive an email offer and then pick up the phone or walk into the store to make a purchase,” said Troy Lerner, President of Booyah Advertising, a full-service digital agency that serves customers such as Dish Network and Blockbuster. “Understanding the full impact of an ad campaign on digital and offline conversions is a major advancement for the industry. It brings advertisers closer than ever before to a complete picture of audience impact at different touchpoints.”

Businesses in any industry with large customer databases will benefit greatly from the joint solution. LiveRamp brings online the rich and valuable assets of offline databases, including purchase history, direct mail, email campaigns, loyalty, and CRM data. Adometry has partnerships with the leading information services providers in many data intensive verticals, including retail, travel, financial services and automotive. LiveRamp’s solution works seamlessly with Adometry’s leading advanced attribution technology, creating greater prediction, precision and performance in multi-channel marketing campaigns.

“While more and more dollars are being spent on online campaigns, most purchases still happen offline,” said LiveRamp CEO Auren Hoffman (pictured). “Any business that allows consumers to place orders via telephone, catalog, in store or just about anywhere that doesn’t involve only a mouse click is going to have offline data. That data becomes extremely valuable when brought online and fed into a powerful attribution engine like Adometry Attribute.”

“Our customers are thrilled to have access to a unified solution to leverage offline data to accurately attribute sales conversions to appropriate campaign channels,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Adometry. “Furthermore, when we leverage our third party, industry-focused data partnerships, it’s a powerful combination. Marketers can now optimize their campaigns based on the most complete performance data set available.”

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About Adometry

Adometry, Inc. provides cross-channel attribution intelligence, plus auditing and scoring metrics, to optimize results for the world’s leading online advertisers, publishers, and ad networks. Through its SaaS-based advanced analytics, Adometry processes and analyzes tens-of-billions of impressions and advertising transactions per month to identify the true consumer purchase-decision journey and to maximize marketing ROI. Adometry combines a scientifically proven methodology with a flexible and easy to implement solution to generate results in as little as two weeks. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Adometry is privately held and backed by Sierra Ventures, Austin Ventures, Shasta Ventures and Stanford University. For more information, visit

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp data onboarding enables companies to use their offline customer data in online advertising. With LiveRamp, marketers can use offline data about their customers to optimize all of the online initiatives-including targeting ads, analytics, content optimization, attribution. LiveRamp is focused solely on data onboarding and works seamlessly with all the leading online ad networks and platforms. LiveRamp has offices in San Francisco and New York. Learn more at


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