Launches Revamped Website With Social Features


Live music rocks. Going to a concert gives fans a much-needed glimpse into the artistry, personality and theatricality of their favorite performers that they would not otherwise get from just listening to the band on their iPhones. The digital revolution has created a seismic shift in the way the world consumes music, and this transition has been largely detrimental to the global music production, distribution and live music industry. is aiming to change this.

The company launched their new website last week on November 20, just before Thanksgiving, in the hopes of bridging the gap between the industry’s faltering ticket sales and online social demand for premium content. Live Nation believes the revamp will encourage music fans to visit the site more frequently and drive deeper content engagement with the introduction of new features it’s providing in the areas of social media and mobile. The website also boasts a newly designed logo with the tagline: “One Nation Under Music.”

Live Nation is the largest live entertainment and e-commerce company, comprising four market leaders: TicketMaster, Live Nation Concerts, Front Line Management and Live Nation Network. Currently the leading music promotions company on the planet, LiveNation’s annual revenues are right around $23 billion with an annual growth rate of 1 percent, according to IBSWorld’s Concert & Event Promotion Market Research Report. While their revenues are certainly nothing to scoff at, the meager annual growth rate sheds light on the fact that people are just not going out to see concerts and shows like they use to. Many companies like LiveNation are looking to technology and social media to provide a trail of breadcrumbs to the box office.

The new site is designed to fill a need of live music fans by providing a destination to not only get information and buy tickets to shows of all kinds, but to also revel in the live music experience — before, during and after every show.

“The inspiration for our move to a new user experience came from our observation that while LiveNation is the world’s largest concert promoter, our interaction with fans was pretty much limited to buying tickets and going to the show,” said Russell Wallach, president of Live Nation Network. “We realized that the live music experience — especially these days with the rise of social and mobile technologies — encompasses much more.”

New website features include:

  • SHOWBOOK: The ShowBook feature allows users to upload their own concert photos to the site, thereby creating a more personalized and engaging relationship with those who visit the site.  
  • REVAMPED SHOW FINDER: Those who register to the site, he says, will be provided with event recommendations and inform users about what events their friends are attending.
  • ONE NATION CHANNEL: One Nation is a video channel of original content, featuring everything from live performances to artist interviews. The video content will also appear on relevant artist, concert and venue pages.
  • CONCERT COUNTDOWN: The Concert Countdown timer is a clock on an event page that counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the upcoming event. The feature also provides a button to purchase tickets and share that experience with friends on Twitter or Facebook.

Today, fans like to share the concert experience with their friends in order to get psyched about the big night. Then, when they are at the physical venue, they snap pictures and share them with friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The new Live Nation website gives fans the opportunity to now have another place to share their photos with friends; they can upload their memories to the site to keep the memory alive for future retrieval.

“Social has and continues to change everything in terms of how fans find out about shows, how they connect around shows with their friends and how they remember their experiences,” said Wallach. “This of course means we have had to change our thinking about how we engage these fans. There are now many more ways for brands and sponsors to interact with fans than ever before. We want to make the most of the social and mobile revolution and bring fans the best experience possible.”

When asked about what this means for the ad industry, Wallach stated, “Advertisers have a fantastic opportunity to work with our new site and reach an impassioned and powerful audience. Brands are impressed by our ability to aggregate and curate content in a scalable way. Ad units are still currently rolling out, but in additional to traditional web ads, we can work with brands to develop short-form music-related programming that can be fully licensed and white-labeled to live on brands’ social channels and sites.”

Live Nation will be celebrating their launch of the new with a concert in L.A. on December 13. Launch sponsors Chevy Sonic, Bud Light and Citi will all be involved, and they are lining up some great bands to perform.


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