Jonathan Ellis Touts TMS in Keynote at Mobile Marketing Forum


While discussions on mobile strategies grew intense during the MMA Conference in India, CEO Jonathan Ellis of TheTMSway Ltd. left a notable message that might leave brand marketers with an alternative solution regarding mobile.

Speaking at the inaugural Mobile Marketing Forum in Delhi, India, Ellis emphasized that amid the increasing adoption and proliferation of mobile devices, the real revolution was actually coming from the traditional media.

According to Ellis, mobile should not be used as some standalone medium. Instead, it needs to be positioned at the heart of any traditional media plan by brands. By enabling the offline media to now become an “interactive touch point,” mobile can help brands and media owners alike understand how consumers interact, when they interact and most importantly from which type of media they interact from (media, title & copy). The collection of these metrics and pieces of data enables brand to understand more fully the effectiveness of their offline marketing strategies.

Recent data from The World Bank revealed that there are 6.1 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, which constitutes 75 percent of the world having access to mobile phones. Ellis outlined that any brand today can interact and tag their traditional media (TV, print, flyers, radio..) to help drive consumers on mobile towards a simple and real-time brand experience. Real time is the key and advertisers need a device agnostic solution to ensure scale.

However, interactivity has two serious factors that brand marketers must consider before entering into any integrated mobile marketing strategy. According to Ellis, SMS solutions face the complication of data ownership and QR codes’ lack of standardization, mass adoption and create consumer adoption confusion. Where TMS can help brands achieve scale is via the simple fact that a TMS shortcode can be seen, read, heard or even recommended by the consumer. An O2O (offline 2 online) solution for today’s generation of connected devices.

So how can consumers, using their connected devices, interact with traditional media in real time?

Ellis said the simple evolution of the SMS shortcode system (TMS) puts an end to these said barriers. The TMS approach is divided into 3 distinct services. Firstly, a telco-neutral ‘intelligent’ shortcode can be integrated into any offline media creative. Secondly, consumer engagement can be provided via a simple browser based search engine of short codes ( which can be white labeled or integrated into any existing Ap (API). Finally, a global cloud based analytics platform which collect metrics and data in real time for global, regional, national or local brands.

In summary, the TMS proposition is both simple to adopt (both client and consumer) and hugely scalable.  TMS can generate brands an infinite number of TMS shortcodes (eg: NIKE 1010, PEPSI 2012, OXFAM 999) which they “tag” their media with. TMS then provides brands with device agnostic campaign sites which are built to engage the consumer. Via a simple call to action brands then instruct consumers to interact by entering the branded code into the search. Finally, to further understand the effectiveness and performance of their media brands can access metrics and consumer opt-in data collected in real time via the TMS platform.

‘’Interacting offline media, providing clients with real-time data, ensuring consumers can engage with brands “en masse” via any connected device helps advertisers and media owners approach this mobile marketing riddle with both scale and accountability,” said Ellis.

About TheTMSway Ltd.
TheTMSway Ltd. is a provider of a new mobile interface for brands and consumers linked to a platform of services for real-time marketing and commerce. The TMS platform connects consumers to a brand’s traditional advertising campaign using mobile as a vehicle. To accomplish this, the company has developed a new generation of intelligent short codes to transform social and offline media into “mobile interactive touch points.” The system allows consumers to access and share real time updated offers whilst providing brands with valuable consumer data and marketing analytics. For more information, visit:


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