Infographic: Swing State Display Ad Spending Drives Spike in eCPMs


Netmining, a display targeting company, has released an infographic an infographic showing how the Obama and Romney campaigns have been driving up display ad prices in the swing states prior to today. The data and graphic from shows how eCPMs are growing much faster in the swing states than in the solid Red & Blue states.

According to a Netmining spokesman, eCPMs in swing states were 1.1 percent higher in June, but are now 3.2 percent higher in the run up to the election, demonstrating increased competition for these ads.

If you look at the data in this graphic, you can see that it’s actually cheaper to buy display ads in so-called Red states than in the 9 critical swing states,” said the spokesman. “A swing state is 6.3 percent more expensive!”


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