Industry Experts Predict the Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013


With the new year right around the corner, digital marketers are looking forward to another year of continued growth in the digital marketing industry. So what can we expect in the new year? Tag management will continue to play a pivotal role with these trends, leading the way in more effectively and efficiently managing the tags that drive the analytic insights. Below are a few predictions from industry experts on what’s coming up in 2013, courtesy of Tealium.

1. Mobile Tag Management

“Mobile is the next frontier, and it’s here to stay. The rise in m-commerce and mobile usage has increased the business demand for mobile site and app analytics data. Mobile specific tag management systems by enterprise vendors like Tealium will allow brands to accelerate mobile marketing velocity by increasing app speeds, offering broader tagging capabilities and eliminating recertification cycles.” – Ali Behnam, CEO of Tealium.

2. Convergence Analytics

“2013 will be the year convergence analytics comes of age. Big Data, cloud computing and dashboarding are going to merge into an array of offerings that answer the marketers’ need for a single view of multi-channel touchpoints. With convergence analytics tools, marketers will be able to correlate trends from disparate data sources in a way never possible before.” – Andrew Edwards, Founder, Technology Leaders.

3. Useable Insights

“Now that we’re over the shock of Big Data, more companies will be deriving insight value by correlating disparate data sets to better serve their customers. This is especially important as customers’ expectations continue to escalate and the competition offers more relevant services to complement their products.” – Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Summit.

4. Micro-Targeting

“The content and ads we encounter are increasingly customized to improve relevance, leveraging the many breadcrumbs we leave in our trail. Indeed, we may soon live in our own relevance bubbles, derived from our personal and social behavior patterns. Marketers will know not just our browsing history and behavior, but also that of our friends. All this personalization will certainly continue to change the delicate dance between marketers and consumers.” – Pelin Thorogood, CMO, Anametrix.

5. Social Commerce

“People have more access, more information and more insights than ever before through digital and social platforms, driving behavior and purchasing decisions. Understanding and capitalizing on the influence of social on commerce is the next big wave in shopper behavior.” – Warren Raisch, Executive Vice President, Digitaria.


  1. Very interesting! Digital marketing is such an exciting and changing field, before we know it we’ll be past these trends and looking even farther ahead. Mobile marketing is definitely going to continue to expand!


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