IMHO: We’re All Adults Here, Aren’t We?


I received an email last week in which my editorial style was brought into question:

“I’ve read some of your posts and I do have one concern. While I know that adult content including images and profanity are socially acceptable in the CPA world, there are still people who find it objectionable.

“‘Normal’ is whatever people are used to so I find that unless someone says something about it many do not realize that these things limit your reach and cause people to hesitate to recommend you or share your content.

“While slightly less offensive, WTF and F are still profanity and if that is common in posts on Adotas or you ever use images some would find offensive Adotas would not be suitable for auto-sharing of content.”

Let me respond point by point:

  1. Earlier in my tenure at Adotas, I ran a weekly promo campaign in which our logo appeared as a tattoo on a couple of human bodies. One was a woman in a bikini; the other was a shirtless man. These images were accompanied by tongue-in-cheek flirtatious come-ons. Anyone who thinks this is adult content has clearly not spent much time on the Internet. The closest I’ve come to running an image on our site that could be considered “adult” is the one in which I superimposed our logo onto a bottle of Absolut vodka.
  2. Re: “‘Normal’ is whatever people are used to” and the paragraph that follows: Social and mobile media are the new “normal.” ‘WTF’ and “F” are commonly used social and mobile shorthand with the added value of self-censorship. Anyone who thinks this kind of shorthand is only slightly less offensive than actual profanity has clearly not spent much time on the Internet. SMDH.
  3. Anyone who finds Adotas offensive and unsuitable for auto-sharing of content should really get out more. Or maybe get in more. In the meantime, mind the splinters from that butter churn you’re using while the rest of us are on the World Wide Web.


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