Florida-Based Ad Agency Releases Media Buying Handbook


TAMPA BAY, FLA. (October 31, 2012) – Viva Vita Inc. today announced the release of the The Online Media Buying Handbook, an easy-to-read book that shows how to get unlimited targeted traffic to any web site with media buying.

“A lot of things are bought simply because they are there and available. With media buys you can make your products and services available on a really large scale,” said Hans Peter Jeschke (pictured), President of Viva Vita Inc. and author of the book. “It is like having unlimited traffic on tab.”

While search engine optimization (SEO) definitely has its place, media buying is far more reliable. There is an abundance of targeted traffic out there and it can actually be bought with up to 90 percent discount, as described in detail in The Online Media Buying Handbook.

“And you do not have to worry that any web master can come along and simply copy your sales funnel,” said Mr. Jeschke. “Usual PPC advertising available through Google Adwords or Bing/Yahoo Adcenter has the disadvantage of immediately revealing your complete sales funnel and marketing strategy. When you are doing media buys you can often enjoy a higher level of privacy.”

Once a successful combination of ad, landing page and traffic source has been established it is very easy to scale a campaign as needed without having to worry too much about competition. The reader of The Online Media Buying Handbook learns how to use media buying to super charge his or her business. The material is presented in an easy to read guide with many screen shots and examples.

The Online Media Buying Handbook is available now at www.imediabuying.com in the digital version and the printed version will be available soon.

About Viva Vita Inc.

Viva Vita Inc. is an advertising agency and consulting firm, founded in 1999, also publishes how-to books related to advertising and marketing.


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