Exclusive Infographic: ChoiceStream’s Audience Cost Calendar for October 2012

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Nov 1, 2012 
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Each month, ChoiceStream’s Audience Cost Calendar analyzes how much it costs to reach various audience segments online, then ranks the relative cost of each segment against one another. The calendar presents an interesting picture of how much advertisers are paying to reach certain segments, month over month.

From each month, Choice Stream breaks the results down into several trends that it sees from the data. For future Audience Cost Calendars, ChoiceStream will “look back” to the past month’s theme, examine a relevant theme this month, and “look ahead” to a theme it believes will be hot next month, pointing out which segments are trading high and low within each trend.

Click repeatedly on the inforgraphic to see the full-size version.

ChoiceStream is a leading innovator in targeted advertising and personalized marketing solutions that are proven to increase revenue and customer engagement for global retail leaders and Fortune 100 brands. For more than 10 years, we have partnered with our customers to provide industry-leading targeted marketing solutions. We apply proprietary data, first- and third-party behavioral data, and sophisticated algorithms to deliver CONNECT personalized recommendation solutions, CRUNCH audience targeting solutions and custom advertising solutions that optimize the entire sales funnel, from top to bottom.

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