Cyber Monday: Holiday Shopping Trends & Mobile Ad Campaigns


Whether you like it or not, it’s that time of the year again and retailers are working overtime to get their online campaigns and online channels ready for the onslaught of expected shoppers this Cyber Monday. This year, brands predict that people will be completing a majority of their holiday shopping online, in the comfort of their own homes, maybe even while wearing their comfy PJs and sitting in front of a roaring fireplace.

What do the upcoming holidays hold for advertisers and brands looking to capitalize on this time of the year? According to the National Retail Federation, over 147 million shoppers are expected to visit brick-and-mortar stores and shop online this Black Friday weekend. This is only a slight decrease from the 152 million who planned to do so last year.

“Though the Black Friday tradition is here to stay, there’s no question that it has changed in recent years; already there is a tremendous amount of excitement and anticipation surrounding retailers’ Thanksgiving and Black Friday promotions,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “It’s critical for retail companies to constantly evolve as consumers do, and right now shoppers want great deals, good value, and convenience — exactly what we’re seeing with this season’s late and early openings, price-matching, layaway, and mobile offerings.”

Holiday Mobile Ad Campaigns

According to eMarketer, ad spending on mobile platforms is scheduled to grow 80 percent this year from $2.61BB from $1.45BB just a year ago.  While the value proposition for mobile is irrefutable, it is to be expected that this holiday season will be aligned with industry growth.

Retailers’ online, mobile and in-store promotions, especially for their Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday offerings, continue to grow. According to’s eHoliday survey conducted by BIGinsight, three in 10 (29.0 percent) multichannel retailers say they will promote their in-store Black Friday deals with mobile alerts, up significantly from the 18.4 percent who planned to do so last year. Additionally, 80.6 percent will use Facebook to alert shoppers about in-store deals, up from 73.7 percent last year.

A company called Amobee offers comprehensive mobile advertising technologies for mobile operators, publishers and advertisers around the globe. Amobee delivers cutting-edge mobile ad campaigns through WAP, Web, messaging, apps, 3D immersive ads and rich media units across all mobile channels and devices on a global scale.

“With more and more consumers turning to their phones as a source for information, we can expect brands and retailers to adopt strategies that aim to further reach and pinpoint holiday shoppers on the go,” said Mark Strecker, COO of Amobee. “We can expect more location-based targeting where an advertiser or retailer serves a timely and relevant message to a potential customer when they are close to a point of sale.”

Today, mobile marketing has gone from being just an afterthought to the primary focus in advertising campaigns. Advertisers must shift their efforts to make mobile an integral part of their overall advertising strategies and allocate a significant portion of their advertising dollars into this vital advertising channel.

“The fourth quarter is undoubtedly the busiest commercial period of the year for advertisers and as more and more brands make their move to the mobile screen, it is only getting harder to captivate a consumer’s attention and compel them to take action,” said Ken Willner, CEO of mobile media company Zumobi.

There’s no denying the unlimited potential for this market, and brands are just beginning to understand how to best utilize mobile as a primary marketing vehicle. Strecker added, “We know there exists a significant supply of quality mobile inventory currently available in the marketplace, but not enough of it is deemed as ‘quality.’  As a result, quality mobile inventory is something that all marketers will need access to in the future if they want to reach their desired audiences.”


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  2. Mobile advertising is being helped by the holidays, but it’s mostly being helped by the tools and resources developers and mobile advertisers are being given by cutting edge mobile ad networks. Not trying to diss anyone here, but the holidays are just highlighting growth taking place independent of the busy season for mobile shopping. I use Airpush ( ) and I’ve been seeing higher monthly average CPMs with each passing month, regardless of the “season.” The industry has finally reached a turning point – and a huge one at that. You’re right – mobile has finally gone from being “just an afterthought” to the primary focus in advertising campaigns today. And it’s only going to get bigger from here.

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