Curata Content Curation Software Arrives on iPhone, iPad and Android for On-the-Go Marketers


CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (November 6, 2012) Curata, Inc., a content curation company that enables marketers and publishers to easily find, organize, and share content, today announced that a mobile app is available in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad users, and Google Play for Android users. The app, unveiled at the company’s fourth annual User Conference, enables Curata users to curate on-the-go. Curata expects the mobile app to significantly expedite the curation process as busy marketers are now able to review and sift through the content on a mobile device.

“I’m working against the clock to produce quality content on a daily basis, and Curata’s software has greatly reduced the time it takes for me to create the content I need to effectively promote my company,” said Tom Bishop, Director of Marketing and Communications, KnowledgeVision. “Adding an app means that I can review content while commuting, which is a game changer for me, as I will be able to better concentrate on editorializing the content I’ve selected when I’m in the office.”

Corporate use of mobile devices continues to surge, and B2B marketers must have access to crucial tools when they need them, regardless of location. Add to this, the lack of time they have to produce the content they need in a successful manner, and the ability to review content on the go is invaluable.

“At Curata, the needs of our customers is our number one priority,” said Pawan Deshpande pictured), Curata founder and CEO. “We were thrilled to unveil our mobile app at our fourth annual User Conference, as it not only will significantly increase productivity, but it also shows we understand what our users need to effectively do their job. We look forward to hosting our customers at our User Conference each year to provide them with a forum to share tips and ideas, as well as to share their feedback on Curata’s solution.”

Curata’s content curation software gives time back to busy marketers by enabling them to curate third-party content from multiple sources, and tag and categorize the content for easy organization. Curata users can then share that information in just 20 minutes or less each day, through a variety of channels.

About Curata, Inc.

Curata, Inc. provides easy-to-use marketing solutions for content curation and content marketing. Curata allows marketers to quickly find, organize and share content on specific issues or topics in order to establish thought leadership, own industry conversations and drive qualified web traffic. Curata was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. For more information,



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