Crew from Intent Media Spend Work Day Aiding Storm Victims in Hard-Hit Rockaways


The employees of NYC-based Intent Media petitioned their management to take a day off (last Friday) to help out victims of Hurricane Sandy.  The Intent folks on their own hired a school bus and traveled to the Rockaways for a day of volunteering. They organized bought working gloves and supplies etc …..  and found an organization that needs the services of 45+ people. One of the founders wives’ made 120 sandwiches to feedback both their staff and to give out in the Rockaways. Once on site they broke into groups of 4-5 assigned to different homes clearing out garbage, sweeping, mopping, moving items, sharing food, etc.

Above from left: Emily Dourte and Catherine Mietek (in foreground) help shovel sand that washed up from the nearby beach onto the streets of the neighborhood during the storn.

Above from left: David Dodini and Intent Media co-founder Josh Feuerstein shovel debris from a previously flooded home into a trash bag.

Above from left (in foreground): Mona Soni, Pete Gieser and Jovena Whatmoor take a short breather during the cleanup effort.

About Intent Media

Intent Media helps retail sites fully monetize their site traffic by augmenting transaction revenues with high margin ad revenues. The company’s platform identifies intent actions and targets highly relevant advertising against that intent.  Intent Media deploys a proprietary suite of data-driven risk mitigation tools to enable retailers to extract the advertising value of their traffic and simultaneously preserve transaction value. For example, the company’s Ads for Travel enables several of the top online travel agents to monetize traffic in their flight booking path with advertising from airlines and other OTAs.

The privately-held company is based in New York and backed by institutional investments from Redpoint Ventures and Matrix Partners and individual investors including LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, AppNexus’ Brian O’Kelley, and Gilt Groupe Inc.’s Kevin Ryan.


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