Canadian Broadcaster Invests $4M in Wantster


TORONTO — Evanov Communications Inc., one of Canada’s fastest growing independent broadcast corporations, recently struck a deal investing its traditional media assets to drive awareness of the new want-based tech start up, Wantster.

In just 7 months, Wantster has more users than image-publishing giant Pinterest did at their 10 month mark.  Founders Ky Joseph and Chris Edelman credit their site’s extremely high conversion rate of new member sign-ups to radio and the relationship it has with its listeners.

Media alone wouldn’t help a bad product, and Wantster officials say its success is a result of providing a platform that solves the many challenges associated with gift-giving. To search out and instantly view the things people want with associated product images, custom descriptions and retailer links is solving a real challenge. Wantster provides a time-saving and stress-free experience for gift buyers and grants the wishes of the gift recipient every time.

About Wantster

Wantster is today’s solution for the old-fashioned wish list but on steroids. The concept of people creating lists of things they want isn’t new, but instead of ripping pictures from a catalogue or scanning items from one dedicated retail store, Wantster offers a web-based social platform with no limits. The “Want” button allows users to grab images from any website. Or use your mobile device while on the go to simply snap a photo and instantly drop it into any want list with Wantster’s new iphone app.

Wantster’s integrated calendar auto-merges friends’ important dates into your calendar and provides weekly reminders so birthdays and important dates are never forgotten.


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