TheTMSway, Brand Loyalty Partner in Indonesia on Mobile In-Store ‘Interactive Touch Points’


HONG KONG (October 9, 2012) — TheTMSway, a global provider of mobile marketing and commerce solutions, announced today the launch of an interactive campaign that simultaneously enables a total of x98 hypermarkets and supermarkets within Indonesia to become in-store ‘interactive touch points’. This interactive campaign was devised to enable Matahari Food Business to engage in a strategy that builds a rewarding shopping experience for their customers whilst acquiring opt-in data from a chain of x73 Hypermart stores and x25 Foodmart stores throughout Indonesia.

In collaboration with loyalty concepts specialist company, Brand Loyalty, TMS provides any customer visiting these hypermarkets and supermarkets between October 1 to December 31, 2012 with an invitation to participate in a survey and competition using their mobile to win a range of prizes. The call to action (TMS Code: ARZBERG 2012) is placed within in-store advertising touch points (including on shelf, promotion banners, flyers and monthly magazines).

’As a company specializing in designing loyalty concepts for food retailers around the world, we are very positive about the outcome of this technology collaboration with TMS. The findings from this campaign will certainly enable us to understand the market better, and position our loyalty programs more uniquely for Matahari Food Business,’’ says Mr. Patrik Sundvisson, General Manager of Brand Loyalty.

Customers are instructed to visit on their mobile and enter the campaign code to land to an optimized version of the supermarket’s mobile competition site where they are asked a series of questions and instructed to freely provide their details in order to stand a chance of winning prizes. is an advanced search technology that was devised with an algorithm which enables it to determine, in real time, which offer to provide to a consumer when they connect with the brand using the TMS code.

The TMSfactory platform will provide Matahari Food Business with complete metrics and data for this three-month campaign. These analytics will enable the food retailer to capture and analyze the level of customer response via this simple call-to-action message.

“Our aim is to help this giant food retailer collect as many pieces of ‘opt in’ consumer data from their shop floor. The retailer is trialing this in-store solution so that they can learn more about their customers. Data is key and gaining insight into who these people are (profile analytics) and their shopping habits (which store, frequency and why) throughout their stores in Indonesia can only help this retailer in the future,” says Jonathan Ellis, CEO of TheTMSway Ltd.

The campaign highlights a national in-store CRM data programme accessible via any device and in any store to enable the retailer to create a greater understanding about their customers.

“In conjunction with our Loyalty Program, this mobile campaign acts as a value-add and delivers an extra boost to the program and brand image. It not only creates in-store excitement, but also provides insight to the shopping behavior of our customers, enabling us to reward them better,’’ says Ms. Meshvara Kanjaya, Marketing and Merchandising Director of Matahari Food Business.

About TheTMSway Ltd

TheTMSway Ltd. is a provider of a new mobile interface for brands and consumers linked to a platform of services for real-time marketing and commerce. The TMSfactory platform provides solutions to connect consumers to a brand’s traditional advertising campaign using mobile as a vehicle. To accomplish this, the company has developed a new generation of intelligent short codes to transform social and offline media into ‘mobile interactive touch points.’ The system allows consumers to access and share real time updated offers whilst providing brands with valuable consumer data and marketing analytics. For more information, visit:

About Matahari Food Business

The Matahari Food Business (MFB) is the largest food retailer in Indonesia, operating in the retail marketplace through three channels: the hypermarket channel “Hypermart”, the supermarket channel “Foodmart”, and the Boston chain of health and beauty stores (BHC). For more information, visit:

About Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty specializes in designing and running innovative loyalty programs for the food retail sector globally. Brand Loyalty successfully runs loyalty programs in more than 20,000 retail stores each year. For more information, visit:


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