TagMan, Tealium CEOs Respond to Google Tag Manager Announcement

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Oct 2, 2012 
Mike Daly  |

The launch of Google Tag Manager, which helps digital marketers more easily manage their Google-related products, has drawn reaction from interested parties.

Ali Behnam, CEO of Tealium, a leader in enterprise tag management, responded thusly:

  • Google’s entry into the space validates the tag management space, and verifies the growing demand for putting marketers in control of their mission-critical online solutions
  • Google Tag Manager is a nice product for small businesses that want to better manage their Google solutions, including Google Analytics.
  • However, Google is not an ideal option for enterprise web sites with complex needs, and that are using a wide array of digital marketing vendors, including competitive solutions such as Adobe SiteCatalyst.
“Google’s new tag management system gives small businesses the benefit of being able to better manage their website tags,” said Behnam. “We’re excited to see Google’s validation of the space and welcome their offering for small businesses. The solution provides businesses with limited requirements a suitable approach to managing Google and other small business tools.”

TagMan’s CEO, Jon Baron, weighed in as well.  According to Baron:
  • Like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager will cater to long tail clients. Enterprise clients want enterprise software; that’s who invests in TagMan services.
  • Free Google Analytics did not impact Omniture’s enterprise customer base).
  • There are over 800 tag vendors in the world with multiple tags, Google currently support 5 tags, their own tags and 2 custom tags.
  • Unlike Google Tag Manager, TagMan has no ownership rights on data. TagMan believes the advertiser owns their data.

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