Rio SEO Launches Innovative Keyword Discovery Automation Tool


SAN DIEGO (October 2, 2012) – Rio SEO, a leading global provider of SEO automation tools as well as search engine optimization and social media analytic modules, today unveiled an advanced software automation product designed to help corporate marketers and search practitioners at digital agencies discover the specific keywords and phrases that consumers actually use when searching online for goods and services.

In addition to helping marketers uncover the most opportunistic keywords, the new Rio SEO Keyword Discovery Automation™ product is the first tool of its kind to identify the specific Web pages that are most relevant to those keywords.  The software provides insights into what website landing pages are likely to have the strongest impact on visiting consumers – or be in need of content changes and/or complete overhauls.

According to Pete Dudchenko, senior director for product management at Rio SEO, the new automation module serves as a resource to help digital marketers optimize websites by finding the most commonly used keywords used in search queries, which can then be integrated into their Web pages.

“This tool gives marketers visibility into the true voice of the customer,” Dudchenko said.  “It’s a powerful decision-making and workflow management resource that clearly shows what people are saying across the competitive landscape, in various social media conversations, and through traditional search marketing data sources.  Savvy marketers can leverage this insight to create and implement high-return, search engine optimization strategies.”

Not only will valuable metrics help inform SEO decisions surrounding high-opportunity keywords and the best-performing landing pages, Dudchenko said that the metrics are one of the key outputs of a straight-forward workflow process where users are guided quickly and easily through the system.

“We’ve re-invented keyword discovery to bring SEO marketers to a new level where the process is automated through a series of workflow best practice tactics,” Dudchenko added.  “This tool taps into a huge set of suggested keywords, including those from social data.”

Rio SEO Keyword Discovery Automation supports a multitude of languages that are used from North and South America to Europe and Asia, including those with multi-byte characters like the Cyrillic, Chinese, Kanji, Hindi, Scandinavian, and Germanic languages.

The tool can also be integrated into the Rio SEO Search Analytics solution, which will allow marketers to correlate their keywords with their Web pages, plus upload them for ongoing analysis and actionable recommendations. Rio SEO Search Analytics is a patented SEO software solution for auditing, reporting, and making prioritized recommendations for search engine optimization.

About Rio SEO
Rio SEO provides best-of-breed technology solutions for earned and owned digital media programs, specifically for SEO (search engine optimization) and social media marketing. Based in San Diego, Rio SEO is among the largest independent providers of SaaS-based SEO automation solutions with patented technology. Rio SEO offers application modules for organic search and social media with tools for content marketing, auditing, reporting, change tracking, keyword discovery, competitive analysis, mobile site optimization, SEO execution, and local SEO automation.  Clients include brand marketers, retailers, and digital agencies.  More information about Rio SEO is available at



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