Rightster, Viral Spiral Ink Exclusive Deal for ‘Harry and Charlie’ Series


MIPCOM, Cannes (October 8, 2012): Leading management company, Viral Spiral, which connects hit Viral content with brands, agencies and production companies, today announces that it has partnered with Rightster, the video distribution and monetization specialist, and Rightster Studios to produce, distribute and monetize video content in a bid to further develop its digital content offering.

As part of this collaboration, Rightster has made a strategic investment in Viral Spiral to establish Viral Studios, which will co-produce and finance new digital content in conjunction with Rightster Studios.  Viral Spiral will work with Rightster Studios to create original programming based on the hugely successful “Charlie Bit My Finger” brand, YouTube’s most viewed viral video of all time with almost half a billion views.

Now boasting the largest viral video network on YouTube, this partnership will give Rightster exclusive distribution rights to all of Viral Spiral’s YouTube content.  Rightster delivers sophisticated audience development using YouTube’s latest advanced tools to ensure optimal content delivery, increased engagement and channel dwell time. Rightster will also offer sponsorship opportunities around the original content and will drive off YouTube syndication for additional marketing and revenue.

Viral Spiral exclusively represents the owners of many of the world’s best known viral videos and YouTube Channels, connecting them with major brands, corporations and advertising agencies and licensing their content to TV production companies, major networks and studios worldwide.

Rightster Studios combines video production, distribution, marketing, and monetization expertise to help creative talent and program makers to unleash a new wave of original online shows. Launched in July 2012, Rightster Studios compliments Rightster’s unrivalled understanding of online video distribution, monetization, and, most importantly, audience development on YouTube.

Damian Collier, Founder and CEO of Viral Spiral commented: “We’re delighted to announce this strategic partnership with Rightster which will allow Viral Spiral to build on its expertise in developing value around hit viral properties. Today we’re at an inflection point where online content truly is king and has the ability to shape the future of the entertainment industry.”

“We’re excited to be playing such a key role in the development of original content and programming at this pivotal time in the digital entertainment industry”, added Charlie Muirhead, Founder and CEO of Rightster.  “Rightster Studios enables producers of all sizes to create the next generation of engaging online video programming, and we look forward to working with Viral Spiral to successfully distribute and monetize new, original content based on the existing strength of the ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ brand.”

About Viral Spiral

Viral Spiral bridges the gap between the owners of the world’s most viewed user generated content and brands seeking to use such content. Viral Spiral helps viral video owners realise the full potential of their videos and works creatively with production companies, ad agencies and brands to use that content through licensing, research, cross promotion and monetization. Viral Spiral has connected the best of viral content to the likes of MTV, VH1, BBC, Leo Burnett, BBH, Saatchi & Saatchi, Coca Cola, Samsung, Sony Playstation, T-Mobile, Google and many many more. Some of Viral Spiral’s client’s include the biggest names on YouTube including, ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’, the ‘Sneezing Baby Panda’ and the ‘Talking Twin Babies’ and Viral Spiral signs the hottest new viral videos as they break every day.

About Rightster

Rightster is a leading cloud-based video distribution and monetization specialist that enables rights holders and producers, such as ITN and BFC (British Fashion Council) and IMG Fashion to gain full control and visibility over their video distribution, maximising their audience reach and revenues across all platforms and publishers from newspapers such as Mail Online to premium blog sites. Rightster’s turnkey services, such as audience development, remove the in-house complexity of managing technology and integration with publishers and platforms. This gives rights holders and producers the quickest and easiest route to market, as well as the flexibility to experiment and innovate with new digital services and revenue models for both live streaming and video on demand.




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