Microsoft: $61M Adchemy Investment is Paying Off for Clients of Bing Ads


FOSTER CITY, CALIF. (Octover 19, 2012) — Adchemy®, Inc., a leading advertising technology company, today announced that a year into its relationship with Microsoft Corp. more than 100 IntentMaps™ are being used by advertisers to simplify and profitably expand their search campaigns on the Yahoo! Bing Network. Among the prominent retailers benefiting from Adchemy’s IntentMap™ technology are From You Flowers, Macy’s, Meijer, Modcloth, Newegg, and Native Remedies.

IntentMaps are used by companies to transform the reach, relevance, efficiency and profitability of their search campaigns. Traditionally, paid search campaigns have been built by monetizing keywords to target advertising to users. Adchemy’s IntentMap technology focuses instead on the underlying intent within the consumer query. This allows search engine marketers (SEMs) to build campaigns that provide comprehensive coverage of search queries and structure those campaigns with tightly knit ad groups and automatically generate highly relevant search ads. Organizing campaigns based on intent also enables powerful campaign management capabilities, bringing increased efficiency to SEM teams and providing relief from unwieldy keyword campaigns.

“Advertisers managing campaigns on Bing Ads know their ads are reaching an audience that is significant, unique, distinct and highly valuable. Understanding intent is a critical factor in improving the online experience, and our relationship with Adchemy helps advertisers recognize the intent behind a user query to deliver a more compelling experience,” said David Pann, general manager, Search Network, Microsoft. “We look forward to working with Adchemy to bring the power of IntentMaps to even more Bing Ads advertisers.”

Advertisers using IntentMaps for their search campaigns on Bing Ads or Google AdWords see the benefits of growing their search footprints exponentially, yet with less effort. With IntentMaps, advertisers realize tangible benefits for their search campaigns, including:

  • Scale: Using IntentMapsTM, Adchemy’s largest customer campaigns have increased to include more than 1 million keywords yet are being managed by only approximately 1,400 intents. The average campaign has seen a 436 percent increase in traffic-generating keywords.
  • Simplification: The average campaign using IntentMaps is managed using approximately 430 intents, representing approximately 500,000 keywords, simplifying paid search management by more than 1000-fold.
  • Relevance: Campaigns using IntentMaps are characterized by themed ad groups resulting in highly relevant ad copy that is generated automatically, with typical campaigns seeing a 7,000 percent increase in the number of ads.

“We have a very ambitious vision of transforming this space to help solve the problems of search and digital advertising by using intent,” said Murthy Nukala (pictured), founder and CEO, Adchemy. “Reaching the 100 IntentMap milestone validates both the enormous opportunity for search advertisers that still exists and the value that focusing on User Intent can bring to consumers and advertisers alike.”

“We’re trying to reach prospective customers searching for vintage-inspired clothing, shoes, and accessories,” said Jeremy Post, head of acquisition marketing, ModCloth. “IntentMaps help us serve relevant, quality ads at scale and link those customers directly to the relevant landing pages for the clothing they want, helping us to grow sales. Eighty-six percent of the conversions we receive from Adchemy campaigns are from new customers. Given the repeat purchase behavior of our customers, Adchemy is truly helping ModCloth fuel our long-term growth.”

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About Adchemy®
Adchemy® produces advertising technology that helps advertisers leverage consumer intent to create more effective digital advertising experiences. Listed byThe Wall Street Journal as one of the top 50 venture-backed companies in the U.S. in 2010, Adchemy, Inc. is a rapidly growing Silicon Valley company backed by Accenture, August Capital, Mayfield Fund, and Microsoft. For more information, please visit




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