Maponics Releases New Location Database to Transform Mobile Advertising


WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VT. (October 9, 2012) – Maponics, the leading source of local, area-based data, today released a new spatial database that enables advertisers and marketers to send highly targeted messages to people within precise borders of specific locations, destinations, travel hubs and venues. The initial release of the Destination & Venue Boundaries™ product features approximately 3,000 destination areas with expanding coverage. Many of the most iconic locations in the United States and Canada are included such as Wrigley Field, Walt Disney World, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and many more. The recent use of geofences for a major sporting event produced click through rates ten times higher for push-based mobile messaging than standard email. Now mobile marketers can accurately identify and send relevant messages to people attending real time events or visiting specific destinations.

“PlaceIQ selected Maponics new Destination & Venue Boundaries product as a valuable addition to our location data arsenal,” explains Duncan McCall, PlaceIQ CEO and Co-Founder. “The destinations, travel hubs and venues database from Maponics will provide us the opportunity to offer contextual intelligence in and around these important areas to our customers. We investigated open-source data options, but found they had far less coverage than Maponics product. By creating and offering this new location database technology, Maponics is revolutionizing the way geoadvertising and marketing is advancing in the mobile industry.”

“With football season getting into full swing, the best way to capture 60,000 people in a stadium as well as the adjacent parking and access areas is to use a geofence based upon our new destination and venue database, not by using a simple point and radius,” said Darrin Clement (pictured), CEO and Founder of Maponics. “Our geofences create a virtual boundary around the stadium area and its associated parking lots. With it, marketers can correctly assign mobile subscribers’ exact location and target all of the people attending the event with precisely-timed messages.”

Until now, most popular destinations and venues have been represented as points on a map, not as geographic areas with discrete boundaries. For marketing purposes, a radius would be drawn a certain distance around the location’s center point, and everyone who fell within that area would be targeted with promotional messages. Because the boundaries being used were inaccurate, many people received messages about an event or destination that had nothing to do with them. This type of haphazard mobile marketing frustrates and alienates end users, causing many to opt out of a mobile service or uninstall an app completely.

Maponics Destination & Venue Boundaries is the first location database product to feature entire venue or destination geographic areas, as well as their associated parking facilities. This level of targeting precision opens the door for entirely new options for a variety of industries, such as:

  • Social media and gaming applications that can provide a better status information, by accurately assigning check-ins from users to a specific event or popular destination.
  • Local search Web-sites increasing the accuracy of the information they provide related to the size of a venue and its geographic position relative to other locations.

The 3,000 destinations include many of the most popular destinations in the world, including stadiums, arenas, airports, amusement parks, golf courses, and speedways.

To learn more about how Maponics Destination & Venue Boundaries can improve your geofence targeting, visit, email or call (800) 762-5158.

About Maponics

Maponics has become the market leader for comprehensive boundary databases that underpin today’s location based services and analytics. Maponics creates, publishes and updates geographic files for the areas that define where people spend their time and money, such as neighborhood boundaries, ZIP Code boundaries and school boundaries. Maponics’ customers include many of today’s best-known web, social media and real estate brands, including over 70% of the top real estate websites. The company is headquartered in Vermont. For additional information, visit

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