Legolas, GfK Team to Offer Real-Time Campaign Measurement & Optimization


NEW YORK (October 11, 2012) — Legolas Media has partnered with GfK Digital Market Intelligence (formerly Dimestore) to add survey-based brand research to every ad campaign bought through the Legolas Marketplace.  Through this partnership and the unique technological integration of the two companies, brand advertisers for the first time will be able to use these survey results to optimize delivery in real-time on guaranteed inventory at both the target audience and publisher levels.

Each brief, customizable multi-question GfK survey will focus on a brand-defined area of interest, such as brand awareness, purchase intent, favorability, and likelihood to recommend. Based on user response, marketers are empowered to evaluate and optimize multiple consumer targeting strategies while in-market, thus validating and increasing campaign RO

“We continually look to address the needs and desires of brand marketers, and improved branding metrics and optimization are high up on that list,” explained Ran Cohen, President of Legolas.  “We are excited to offer GfK’s superior technological capabilities and insights for every campaign, knowing they will shed light in this area, and improve and validate advertisers’ efforts.”

“Branding metrics provide extremely beneficial learnings that lead us toward the creation of stronger campaigns for our clients.  These metrics enable better long term decision making, and provide actionable insights that impact our ongoing optimizations,” said Marc Arbeit, VP, Managing Partner of media agency Zenith GPE. “Legolas is a partner that enables us to dig deeper, and improve in real time.”

“Providing broad access to tools and knowledge for making best use of advertising dollars is a win for the digital ecosystem,” said Florian Kahlert, Managing Director of GfK’s Digital Market Intelligence (DMI) team. “We are excited to deliver those services to Legolas clients; as a partner, Legolas is forward thinking and ROI-focused – qualities that we feel make them a perfect fit for our technology and approaches.”

About GfK Digital Market Intelligence

GfK’s DMI practice offers compelling and complementary capabilities to agencies and advertisers, providing strategic direction for marketing brands of all types. DMI solutions focus primarily on connecting the consumer purchase cycle, by delivering actionable insights into cross-media ROI, digital marketing effectiveness, and the path to purchase.

About Legolas Media

Legolas Media leads the Efficient Premium category in digital advertising, providing access to and smart management of premium inventory.  Through deep integrations with premium online publishers, the Legolas Marketplace provides an end to end solution for brand marketers, increasing the impact of every dollar invested.  The Legolas Marketplace directly connects brands with publishers, provides bi-directional transparency, brand safety, and accurate audience forecasting and delivery.  All efforts are measured with brand metrics, including tying efforts directly to sales lift.  Legolas Media has delivered billions of high quality impressions, for some of the world’s largest digital advertisers, to over 150 million unique users with outstanding results.


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