Kontera Delivers New Content Insights and Curation Suite as Part of Its Content Activation Platform


NEW YORK (October 17, 2012) — Brands can now understand all emerging relevant online content and conversations, and can join them immediately by using ideal owned, social, or authentic supportive content to engage consumers. This ability comes from the Content Activation Platform thatleading content-marketing provider Kontera expanded today, amid strong adoption by premier agencies and brands.

Kontera’s platform understands and correlates web-wide content, social “conversations” and real-time interest trends, and it uses this information to activate the best brand-supporting content within the ideal destinations. The new capabilities include a Content Insights and Trends dashboard; a Content Discovery Module for finding ideal owned, social, or independent supportive content; and a Curation module for the agile activation of content across mobile, display and social advertising.

“Today it’s vital to not only understand emerging content and social trends at scale, but to be able to power agile activation of brands’ owned content, authentic social information, and supporting content from across the web,” said Lisa Weinstein, president, global digital, data and analytics at Starcom MediaVest Group. “Kontera’s Content Activation Platform provides us with a way to do so. By leveraging its analytics and activation, we can harness budding trends and truly connect brands with consumers through content they most care about.”

New Content Marketing Modules for End-to-End Suite

  • Content Insights and Trends: Inform brands’ marketing strategy and empower brand editors, social mavens, and digital media planners who are looking to leverage the best social and organic content to connect authentically with consumer passion points.
  • Content Discovery: Enables agile marketing and advertising teams to find the ideal content items that link their brands to consumer passion points and current events. Discovered content can be ranked and sorted using a variety of filters, including relevance, timeliness and social popularity.
  • Content Curation: Enables brands to automatically identify, filter and activate entire programs that utilize content for their on-line advertising and social marketing. Brands can manage owned and social content, as well as any supporting content from across the digital eco-system, for easy activation within their mobile, social, and display advertising.

“Mobile marketing requires particular attention to relevance and consumer value, and we think the industry must evolve in this direction,” said Angela Steele, CEO of Ansible, an Interpublic Group company. “Kontera’s Content Activation Platform changes the equation for all parties by utilizing content to create true brand relevance and value across both smartphones and tablets.”

“Content is becoming central to marketing strategies, and our platform is answering the needs of the world’s top brands, such as Chrysler, GM, Kraft, P&G, and Microsoft,” said Yoav Shaham (pictured), Kontera’s CEO and co-founder. “Our ability to dynamically correlate more than 400MM daily pageviews and social conversations, in real-time, is now powering an end-to-end brand marketing platform.”

About Kontera

Kontera understands and activates the world’s content. The Kontera Content Activation platform analyzes and correlates more than 400 million daily “conversations” and content views, in real time, from across 15,000 exclusive publishers, the majority of the comScore top 1,000 sites, and major social destinations. Kontera’s platform delivers optimal results by dynamically activating brands’ owned content, advertising, social and independent content, within the ideal Display, Mobile and Social contexts.



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