Introducing The New MySpace: An Elegant Mashup of Spotify, Pinterest & Facebook


Remember when MySpace was the No. 1 social networking site, well before the introduction of Facebook and Google+? It had gained a reputation as the place for those long-ass profile pages complete with glitter text, animated gif images, booty-calls and for no-name bands desperate to find listeners.

Okay, so I finally found my old MySpace profile and I had all but forgotten about its existence. Now, I think I’ll keep it. As an avid social guy, when I caught wind of the new MySpace, I was indeed dubious. Luckily for MySpace (and for all of us), the New MySpace elegantly bridges the gap between our online and offline lives with style.

To me, it feels like a mashup between Pinterest, Spotify, and Facebook, a seamless combination that I really think is on the right track to give FB a run for its money.

The new MySpace turns the timeline on its side, literally, and creates horizontal tiles as a way to and organize content like status updates, photos and videos. The super-slick UI includes integration with multimedia content like music videos and images that run behind a semi-transparent user feed that is photo-rich and image-specific.

Users will have the ability to create music mixes on the fly, to share them with friends like in Spotify, and to listen to songs through it’s embedded music player. Spaces gives users to ability to create custom places for their content that capture their own slant on the world and to share it with the people the care most about. Events provides a single place to track upcoming events, including parties hosted by your friends and upcoming music performances in your area.

One thing that gives the new MySpace an advantage in my book is the personality that it injects back into social networking. Facebook is all about connecting people with people and timeline has a very traditional, template-y look and feel in order to preserve the user experience. The new MySpace is all about creating a personalized place that reflects your interests and thoughts, and it oozes personality that I believe people will gravitate towards.

Want to stay in the know? Users can request an invitation by visiting


  1. Uh.. Myspace was always about personalization, and it became rampant. I don’t know how they’re going to control the overload of information – the same thing that destroyed it earlier threatens to now.

    Additionally, if you’ve actually, you know, gotten access to the service, I don’t know how you could do it without being an insider. I requested an invitation within a day of its initial announcement.

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