Infographic: Presidential Campaigns Should Focus on Swing States for Online Ads

Inplace #2

After last week’s debate, Infolinks developed an infographic that reveals the click-through (CTR) rate as it relates to swing states. Interestingly, Infolinks found that 8 out of the 10 states that engage the most with online ads are red states.  Potentially, Romney’s campaign should be focusing their fundraising messages using display advertising to those states, as they are likely to achieve the highest results there. One could infer that neither camp should spend in Iowa because they have the lowest CTR in the country (-26%).  Florida, however, is above by 7%, Colorado +3%, Ohio +1%.

A selection of the findings:

  • Republicans tend to click more.
  • Swing states with the highest CTR should be the focus as people prepare for the polls. Both parties have key swing states that if focused on, could change the overall outcome for their prospective parties.
  • The Democrats would do well to target swing states Florida and Colorado with CTR’s standing at +7% and +3% respectively.
  • The Republicans would gain ground by focusing their online ads in the swing states of North Carolina and Missouri with CTR’s at +6% and -1%.
  • Using the data available, the parties can put their money into states that are ripe for change.