Gather ‘Round the Coalfire for Some IT Security Horror Stories



The Cryptkeeper from HBO’s “Tales from the Crypt” horror anthology has a coffin-full of ghoulishly scary stories, and so does Coalfire Labs. While his stories are pure to Hollywood though, Coalfire’s stories are derived from breaches they’ve investigated and tests they’ve done for forward-thinking IT executives that hire Coalfire to test their security programs before it’s too late. Via those projects, they’ve found vulnerable networks, insecure software, poorly trained front-line employees and dozens of other security and compliance problems that — if exploited — can lead to fraud losses, penalties and business disruption.

For Halloween, Coalfire is sharing three such stories. So beware! The malevolent creatures of nefarious intentions are waiting … and watching …

  1. The Case of the Phantom Technician: An unsuspecting bank branch allows a horrible creature access to one of its server rooms … READ MORE … IF YOU DARE!
  2. The Curse of Compromise Fatigue. A Fortune 500 CIO falls under the spell of a terrible mind controller and allows his company to be hacked … READ MORE … IF YOU DARE!
  3. The Tale of the Fake IT Rep. A well-intentioned but poorly trained employee yields secret passwords under the mind-bending powers of the Fake IT Rep … READ MORE … IF YOU DARE!

These strange tales are frightening. But what makes them even more terrifying is that all of these nightmares are true. So don’t allow your organization to become the next … IT Security Horror Story …


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