Binder? I Hardly Know Her!


In the aftermath of the second Presidential debate, Appinions, the opinion-influence marketing agency, compiled an all-too-timely ranking of the top political influencers who mentioned “binders of women” within the past 48 hours. The influencers – ranked by their influence score – are as follows:

  1. Governor Mitt Romney (score of 161).
  2. American Bridge (score of 109): American Bridge is a democratic Super PAC.
  3. President Barack Obama (score of 75).
  4. John Dickerson (score of 28): chief political correspondent for Slate magazine.
  5. @RomneyBinders (score of 28): This is a twitter handle set up for this specific comment, yet they already have over 33,500 followers.

What’s interesting about this list is the No.2 entry. American Bridge was thrust into the spotlight because they bought the domain name, and have set up a splash page for it. This has garnered the Super PAC a ton of attention they previously didn’t have, demonstrating how people (or entities) can capitalize on Internet memes in all sorts of creative ways these days.


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