Adslot Launches in U.S.; Names Raj Chauhan as President of North America, Europe


SAN FRANCISCO (October 24, 2012) Adslot, a global leader in online media trading, announced today that it has expanded into both North America and Europe with the global release of Adslot Publisher, a direct sales platform that counts leading international publishers such as, and as clients.

Created by the founders of Hitwise, Andrew Barlow and Adrian Giles, Adslot Publisher was developed to revolutionize premium online advertising and position publishers to capture the accelerating shift of ad spend from offline to online while maintaining full control over the direct sale process. In providing more efficient, sophisticated and automated self-service tools, including drag and drop ad creation, Adslot enables publishers to establish new revenue streams and reduce costs to optimize growth and profitability.

It achieves this in three ways:

  1. Lowering the barrier to entry for publishers to engage with advertisers of all sizes profitably, unlocking increased demand.
  2. Automating the direct sales process to engage direct advertisers efficiently and scalably with a low cost, low touch channel.
  3. The ability to organize market demand under an auction model to establish increased yield for a publisher’s most sought after premium inventory.

“Premium inventory constitutes 80 percent of online display ad dollars, yet for the last five years, innovation has largely focused on unsold and remnant inventory in an attempt to turn almost limitless inventory worth zero to a little more than zero,” said Ian Lowe, CEO of Adslot. “Adslot was created to move innovation and much needed technology into the premium segment, where the potential to build value for both buyers and sellers is greatest. Today, 30 percent of media consumption is taking place online; yet online media accounts for only 18 percent of total ad spend. Online display’s share of this gap is approximately $25 billion, so an enormous opportunity for the global industry.”

Adslot Publisher’s automated sales process frees sales teams so they can focus on strengthening relationships with their most strategic clients and allows publishers to maintain complete control over the direct sale process, including order and creative approval before a campaign goes live. Inventory can be sold on a CPM or sponsorship basis, and the platform integrates with both first-party ad servers such as DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and third-party ad servers. Adslot’s payment gateway also removes credit risk for publishers and removes administration associated with collections.

Adslot’s easy to use banner ad builder, Adslot Create, is also integrated into the self-serve buying process, completing a solution that provides advertisers of all sizes with the tools to buy media, develop high quality creative and launch and monitor their display campaigns, with little input required from publishers.

The company has appointed Raj Chauhan (pictured) as president, North America and Europe, to lead the expansion into those markets. Chauhan is an entrepreneurial executive with over 15 years experience in media and technology companies, including senior roles building and managing high growth divisions at OpenX and The Rubicon Project.

Chauhan said, “We’re very excited to launch Adslot Publisher in North America and Europe. This is an important product for publishers to improve their profitability and allow them to simplify and scale their direct sales channel. We are very encouraged by early take-up and the ease with which publishers can commence selling direct.”

Customers who’ve recently integrated Adslot’s technology include Crowdgather, Preloved, WorthPoint and UInterview.

Erik Meers, founder and CEO of UInterview, said, “We’re excited to work with Adslot to scale our direct ad sales, reduce operational costs and make our premium inventory available to more advertisers. Their technology was simple to set up and integrates seamlessly with our sales team’s current processes.”

To learn more about Adslot Publisher, visit:

About Adslot
Adslot, a wholly owned subsidiary of listed Australian entity Webfirm Group Limited (ASX: WFM), helps online publishers increase ad revenues by automating their direct sales so they can spend more time focused on delivering great content and building their audience. Adslot’s self-service interface also integrates an easy to use ad builder, Adslot Create, providing publishers with a low touch channel and direct advertisers with the complete set of tools to develop and launch their display campaigns across premium, guaranteed media. Adslot reduces sales operational costs for publishers by up to 30 percent while creating new revenue streams and improving profitability. Currently, five of the world’s leading classified publishers in four countries use Adslot Publisher including The REA Group, Carsales and SeLoger. To learn more, visit:


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