Adobe Offers View Into Campaign Management with AdLens, Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX) Integration


Digital Marketers and agencies are always looking for a better way to capture and view all aspects of their online campaigns – across search, display and social media channels. Today, Adobe announced the latest release of its AdLens product that the company claims will directly address this need by providing a single platform to track all ad campaigns, nipping at the heels of companies like Promodity and the mobile enabled campaign management platform Motricity.

Adobe AdLens is a rebranded product, acquired earlier this year from Efficient Frontier, and snaps into the larger Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. According to Adobe, the latest release of AdLens will include improved audience targeting and enhanced social advertising capabilities. Here are some additional new features included in this updated version:

  • Official access to Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX), allowing marketers to buy ads on Facebook via real-time bidding. This supplements AdLens’ existing real-time bidding infrastructure.
  • Seamless data integration with Adobe SiteCatalyst and Adobe AudienceManager.

“Marketers have several challenges when it comes to allocating advertising dollars and showing ROI across channels,” said David Karnstedt, senior vice president of Media and Advertising Solutions at Adobe. “Now, with an unprecedented level of campaign analytics and insight across different media, Adobe AdLens enables marketers to accomplish more in less time by using the most comprehensive digital advertising platform available.”

One area of differentiation from competing platforms is what Adobe attributes to their predictive algorithms or “mathematical models to weigh risk and return across numerous events and scenarios.” According to Adobe, most other solutions on the market rely solely on a rules-based approach to campaign management, and thus, do not provide a real-time, actionable view into ad performance and analytics.

According to Mike Margolin, vice president, interactive marketing director at RPA, a leading independent advertising agency, “We’re excited Adobe AdLens now offers us native SiteCatalyst integration. Adobe is eliminating the need for cumbersome data transfers and this move strengthens the technology’s already powerful ad optimization capabilities.”

Last month, Adobe launched Adobe Social, a social marketing product aimed at tracking and measuring the influence of social media channels online beyond the soft metrics: Likes, comments and retweets. While competing platforms like Visible, and Radian6, acquired last year by for $326 million, have done a great job carving a niche out for these types of social measurement technologies, only time will tell if Adobe may in fact be looking through a shortsighted lens in attempt to prematurely crowd out the market.



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