Webinar: ‘The Rise of Connected Consumerism’

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Sep 17, 2012 
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Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, and Caroline Waterson, Head of Digital Strategy, IBM Industry Solutions, will be the presenters of “The Rise of Connected Consumerism,” a one-hour webinar set for Monday, Sept. 24 at
10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT.

Customer behavior is evolving fast, and companies that don’t adapt are going the way of the dinosaur. The hyper-connected consumers of Generation C are changing the way we do business — and our society as a whole.

In this webcast, Solis and Waterson will to learn how to survive and thrive in this new era of connected consumerism, and get a guide to developing your own evolutionary approach to marketing success.

Participants will  learn:

  • How consumers are forcing a natural selection of businesses fittest for survival—and how to make sure yours is one of those able to adapt to change.
  • Why investing in technology in new and emerging channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ isn’t nearly enough to improve engagement.
  • Ways to become the business counterpart to Generation C — a connected marketer — in order to lead the way to business transformation.

To register for the webinar, click here.

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