VIDEO: Giant Media CEO Discusses Those Sexy James Franco/7 For All Mankind Ads


You may have seen them: those viral videos featuring young hot models and celebrities dancing around in scantily-clad swimsuits and denim, having way more fun than the average person. This visually-striking, hue-saturated, and hipster-infused ad campaign directed by James Franco for 7 for all Mankind takes a fresh approach to digital advertising through a series of videos shot and directed by the famous actor and director.

This ad campaign, conceived by 7 For All Mankind and executed by Giant Media, may ultimately change the way we look at ads. Giant also handled the distribution for that famous Ferris Bueller Honda CR-V commercial that premiered during the Super Bowl starring Matthew Broderick re-enacting arguably, his most iconic role. Giant Media helps brands and media companies distribute their videos through its social video technology and network of publishers and social platforms.

According to David Segura, Giant Media’s CEO, the social viral video company sees itself as a viable alternative to pre-roll.

“Our clients know that we over deliver by scaling earned media, and for many, by including interactive elements within video units that also can include overlay static and dynamic banners that end with a screen takeover,” says Segura. “For every two paid video views, we provide one that is bonus earned media.”

For the 7 For All Mankind campaign, Giant’s main focus was to target the 21-34 year old demographic through the James Franco Web Series. To get the Internet buzzing about the videos and encourage user engagement, the brand also launched a sweepstakes with the opportunity to win a $1,500 shopping spree. Giant was brought on to create mass awareness for the videos while driving sweepstakes entries.

One thing you’ll notice is that there is very little branding throughout the video series. This is intentional and a nod towards Giant’s goal to convey a lighter and less in-your-face aesthetic that focuses on lifestyle snapshots, more focused on creating a mood rather than hammering marketing messages down your throat.

The results speak for themselves: The 7 ad campaign resulted on over 1 million views, coverage on over 40 major blogs and over 33,00 user engagements with the brand. They also received thousands of sweepstakes entries and deep brand engagement.

In general terms, Giant drives media impressions and individual views are calculated after a consumer watches the video for at least 20 seconds.

Views are not the only metric to evaluate campaign success according to Segura. For the Ferris Bueler Honda ads, the client was much more interested driving brand interaction through hidden Easter eggs peppered throughout the creative. These are random pop culture innuendo placed strategically throughout the commercial that referenced the original film, like a toy Ferrari in a glass case on the agent’s desk and a framed children’s drawing on the agent’s cabinet, which was the same one on the Bueller fridge in the original movie.

“Americans are competitive and they will obsess over finding things hidden throughout a creative,” adds Segura.

To date, Giant has a comscore reach of over 78 million uniques and has launched over 300 ad campaigns for brands like Nissan, Banana Republic, Red Bull, Lionsgate, LG and American Express since the firm’s inception.

With Giant’s revenue having quadrupled in the last year, this media darling must indeed be doing something right.


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