VIDEO: ’30 Rock’ Stars Help Launch Jaguar USA’s ‘Backseat Stories’


Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski of NBC’s “30 Rock” would do anything for love — especially in the back seat of a Jaguar.

Morgan and Krakowski are among the stars of “Backseat Stories,” a series of new digital video shorts from Jaguar USA that feature the 2012 Jaguar XJL and the 2013 Jaguar XJL with all-wheel drive. The sitcom buddies blend revealing remarks with a spontaneous vocal exploration of the Meat Loaf catalog.

The spots, part of Jaguar’s global ALIVE campaign, take place in the back seat of a Jaguar XJL and feature everything from personal anecdotes to musical performances. The second entry in the series features video producer Dr. Teeth, competitive eater Kobayashi and hip hop artist Drumma Boy discussing their stories of success, while a third “Backseat Story” has Jamie Scott of Graffiti6 performing an acoustic version of the hit song “Free.”

All of Jaguar’s “Backseat Stories” can be viewed on Jaguar USA’s official YouTube Channel.


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