Trademob Releases Updated SDK in Response to iOS 6


NEW YORK  (September 25, 2012)Trademob, Europe’s leading data-driven mobile app marketing platform, announced today the release of the company’s new SDK for iOS 6. The updated software development kit will support Apple’s new user identification system and continue to integrate Trademob’s unique fingerprinting solution to ensure comprehensive, accurate mobile campaign tracking.

With the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, Apple provided app marketers with the Advertising Identifier, a new user identification system that addresses some of the privacy concerns associated with its predecessor, the Unique Device Identifier (UDID). The Advertising Identifier allows users to opt out of ad tracking, forbidding publishers to run targeted ads.

“With this new identifier, Apple is taking a step in the right direction, but it leaves some open ground, such as tracking mobile Web traffic,” said Ravi Kamran, CEO of Trademob. “As a result, more solutions are needed to accurately and effectively track all mobile ad campaigns.”

To address this issue, Trademob has equipped the new SDK with the Advertising Identifier as a supplement to its unique fingerprinting technology. The fingerprinting technology automatically enables the tracking of all traffic sources, including Web. Like the new Advertising Identifier, this solution is privacy compatible – “forgetting” users over time and honoring do-not-track and similar initiatives. With both the fingerprinting technology and Apple’s Advertising Identifier, the new SDK will provide app marketers with the most current state-of-the art tracking technology for their mobile advertising campaigns and accurate, comprehensive campaign reporting for all traffic sources.

“This new identifier has the potential to become the standard the industry has been seeking – not only for tracking, but for other applications and services as well,” said Kamran. “But the mobile marketing ecosystem needs to widely adopt the Advertising Identifier before it can truly be effective and replace the UDID.”

For more information about the new SDK for iOS 6, visit the Trademob website.

About Trademob
Berlin-based Trademob is a data-driven mobile app marketing platform led by math geeks. Founded in August 2010, Trademob offers its clients an easy and efficient opportunity to promote their mobile apps globally while optimizing mobile marketing goals and budgets. Trademob’s optimization engine and data-driven approach maximize active app users, in-app engagement and mobile revenue. The company’s independent platform aggregates all relevant ad networks and reaches more than 500 million smartphone users worldwide. For more information, visit



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