#tangodown or Not, We Were Left with NoDaddy

Inplace #2

GoDaddy is now stating that its server crash yesterday was “not caused by external influences,” but rather “a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables.”

The company’s statement leaves many of us to wonder today whether AnonymousOwn3r is A) an exceptionally gifted hacker;  B) a clairvoyant; C) a social-media opportunist/narcissist with impeccable timing; or D) all of the above.

Regardless, it was right around 2 p.m. ET yesterday when I was about to send out the daily Adotas newsletter. Suddenly I was unable to upload the graphics to illustrate the final post before my deadline. And then the Adotas website was down. And then our email was down.

And then my wife sent me a link from Mashable reporting that GoDaddy’s servers were down.

And then TechCrunch reported that a hacker in Brazil with the Twitter handle @AnonymousOwn3r was claiming responsibility for it.

For us, the outage lasted about four hours — just long enough to delay delivery of our e-newsletter until two-thirds of the US had already closed up shop for the day.

Whether AnonymousOwn3r was behind the outage or not, I’d still like to give him a not-so-gentle nudge down a long flight of stairs. And apparently I’m not alone. Industry peeps were quick to respond to my email, Facebook and Twitter requests to express their outrage about the outage:

“The outage was perfectly timed! We sent an email blast to most of our users pretty much at the EXACT time the outage occurred. So naturally none of the email links worked, since all the links got routed through our email provider’s click tracking domain(s), which must have been managed by GoDaddy. Luckily my company doesn’t directly use GoDaddy for anything, so our sites were unaffected. But still, our customers now think we sent them an email full of non-functioning links. I wonder if any major ad servers or ad networks use GoDaddy to manage their click tracker domains…” — Myles Younger, Co-founder, Marketing and Business Development, Canned Banners.

“This GoDaddy outage is killing me!  My business is email, mostly, so I’ve been scrambling to get in touch with clients, media, colleagues, prospects to let them know I’m not ignoring their emails as well as share my personal contact details.  Right now I’m scrambling to get things back on track. UGH!” — Sabrina Carrozza, Sabrina LCP Communications.

“Obviously, its hard not to be disappointed that GoDaddy didn’t have better security. That statement should also be frightening, since GoDaddy spends a lot more money and time on security than any of us would ever consider. My GoDaddy email account is my primary business account so not having access was very disruptive. Now I have to create a work around solution, since I can’t rely on GoDaddy for email. Oh well, welcome to the wonderful world of technology.”  — Christopher Laurance, Partner at Lightwire Media.

“Our Recipe Search Engine www.recipebridge.com has been up and down all day as we manage the DNS at GoDaddy.” — Benjamin Christie, Founder & Managing Director, Gourmet Ads Pty Limited.

“Our website and email are hosted with GoDaddy, but I always use my Gmail account for my customers for this very reason. I don’t believe that Gmail is ever going to go down.” — Jim Ressler, CEO, FashionFlashNYC.

“We woke up to a major headache this morning in regards to the GoDaddy outage! We host all of our clients’ website through GoDaddy and about half of those websites have been down all day long! I’m sure they will be working around the clock on this issue! In defense of GoDaddy, this is the first time they have had any major outages and I have complete confidence that they will correct the issue and rectify any problems experienced due to the attacks. Despite today’s hiccup, I would still recommend GoDaddy to any website owner. They have a world class customer service team, amazing technical and production teams, and very, very competitive prices. It’s too bad they had to go through this!” — Mason Williams, ChiroPractice.

“The Internet is too unstable to be trusted always. We continue to need print for the important stuff. That is why we believe in newspapers, even with all of our new digital products. When the going gets tough, the tough go to paper. Check out any of the recent weather disasters, like Isaac. People went looking for the newspaper when the power failed.” — Tonda Rush, President, American PressWorks, Inc.

“I would [comment] if my GoDaddy email was working ;-(.” — Kevin Ferrasci OMalley, Managing Director at Kayak Marketing.

“I am totally surprised that a company like GoDaddy could get hijacked. Honestly, if they can hijack GoDaddy and so much loss can be caused to a company of that size and power, what is going to be left of the small businesses in the world? This shows everyone how vulnerable we all are to the weakness of technology!” — Bob Encarnacion, President, REE Corporation.

“This has to be the biggest hijacking event in the history of the Internet. Nearly all of my sites were down today. I can’t believe that this wasn’t bigger news than it was. It’s hard to believe that a company as big as GoDaddy was able to get infiltrated like that. I thought it was interesting that its apology page had Danica Patrick’s picture on it and not the president of the company.” — Bob Bentz, president of Advanced Telecom Services.