Study: If You’re Checking In, It Must Be Saturday Afternoon at Walmart


NEW YORK (September 20, 2012) – LocalResponse today announced the first comprehensive report on public consumer check-ins at the top 10 U.S. retailers. The data was compiled during the summer of 2012, across major social networks including Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp and Instagram. LocalResponse’s Consumer Check-in Report demonstrates trends among shoppers and across major U.S. retailers.

According to the report, Saturday is the most popular day of the week for social shoppers with 25.9 percent percent of all check-ins registered across the top 10 U.S. retailers. This was followed by Friday with 19.7 percent, then Sunday with 14.3 percent.

Good thing for American retailers that businesses don’t close early afternoons for siestas because shoppers check-in to stores most often between 2pm and 3pm ET. This was followed by Friday between 8pm and 9pm ET and Saturday between 3pm and 4pm ET.

Other highlights from the consumer check-in report include:

  • Walmart accounted for the highest total of check-ins with 38.3 percent of the total check-ins among the top 10 retailers, followed by Target with 15.4 percent, then Costco with 9.3 percent.
  • In terms of gender, women were less likely overall to check-in than men (46 percent vs 54 percent respectively), but men and women exhibited different check-in behaviors across the leading retail brands.
  • The largest percentage of male check-ins occurred at BestBuy (67 percent) and Lowe’s (65 percent), while the largest percentage of female check-ins occurred at Target (53 percent).
  • At Walmart, percentages between genders were nearly identical with men accounting for 51 percent and women 49 percent.
  • Foursquare was by far the most popular vehicle for consumer check-ins, accounting for 78.5 percent of all check-ins among the top 10 retailers, with Instagram being the least popular commanding only 1.4 percent of check-ins.
  • In terms of social media preference by company, Walgreens had the highest percentage of consumer check-ins via Foursquare (94.9 percent), while Walmart had the highest percentage check-in on Twitter (29.4 percent). Costco meanwhile garnered the highest number of broadcasts on Instagram (8 percent) as Safeway showed the most active users on Yelp, which accounted for 9.7 percent of all check-ins for that retailer.

“Our first major data report on consumer check-ins provides unique insights into consumer behavior trends and preferences among shoppers who are increasingly more willing to broadcast their location and intent to purchase,” said Kathy Leake, president and co-founder, LocalResponse. “We think this data will be a huge benefit for retailers in almost any industry so they can better market to their customers and understand consumer motivations as a way to increase conversions at checkout.”

LocalResponse’s Consumer Check-in Report is geared towards helping marketers better target consumers based on social media broadcasts. The findings represent a sample of data aggregated across LocalResponse’s advertising platform, which currently serves up more than 7 billion impressions a month. Data for this report included check-ins across the top 10 retailers (based on 2011 U.S. sales) during the summer 2012.

For more information on LocalResponse’s services, visit LocalResponse at or #localresponse.

About LocalResponse

LocalResponse is the first platform to help marketers respond to “real-time consumer intent,” defined as a social media moment: a Tweet, a status update on Facebook, a photo on Instagram, a check-in to Foursquare and many more. Based in Chelsea in NYC, LocalResponse is co-founded by digital advertising pioneers Nihal Mehta (founder ipsh!, sold to Omnicom in 2005 & early investor in Admob), Kathy Leake (co-founder Media6Degrees), and Michael Muse; and is backed by Cava Capital, Vodafone Ventures, Verizon Investments, Metamorphic Ventures, Extreme Venture Partners, Jim Pallotta and others.


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