VIDEO: SteelHouse Offers a Solution to Sucky Display Ads


LOS ANGELES (September 24, 2012) – Everyone in the advertising industry knows that online ads suck. Rich ads get significantly higher engagement, but they’re too hard to create. Flash doesn’t work on mobile, and HTML5 doesn’t work consistently in every browser. Today, SteelHouse launched A2 (pronounced a-squared), which brings the high quality that brands expect from other mediums like TV and print, into online ads that serve on any device including Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

“Whether they want to admit it or not, brands are embarrassed by the quality of their display advertising. Display ads are stuck in a static ad time warp surrounded by a world of video, mobile, apps and social tools,” said SteelHouse President and CEO Mark Douglas. “The reality is that the ads brands want have been too hard and time consuming to create. We’ve completely reinvented the way display ads work.”

A2 makes ads interactive by weaving together high engagement features that brands want and consumers respond to, including:

Video: Include videos from any source.

Images: Insert virtually any image or logo.

Location: Ads take into account where people are.

Scenes: Include multiple scenes in any ad.

Products: Dynamic product carousels can display products that consumers have interacted with.

Counters: Count down to when a sale is going to end or an event is going to happen.

Behavior: Leverage 1st party consumer behavioral data into the content of any ad.

Social: Great ads get shared. A2 ads enable that.

A2 ads are automatically IAB compliant and work on any device. A2 is available as a stand-alone display ad solution for brands and agencies or as part of SteelHouse’s other products. To see a sample of A2 ads in action, and learn more about SteelHouse, visit

About SteelHouse

SteelHouse™, an ad:tech Innovation Award-winning company, brings innovative advertising solutions to brands, agencies and eCommerce marketers. SteelHouse reaches 110 million consumers a month across hundreds of the world’s largest brands. In addition to A2, the company’s real-time solutions including Real Time Offers™ and Retargeting enable companies to drive high engagement in their ads, on or off their, site based on their consumers’ behaviors an in real time. The SteelHouse team is comprised of veteran direct marketers and engineers from eHarmony, E*TRADE, Oracle and the Rubicon Project. SteelHouse is based in Los Angeles, Calif.



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